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What's here for illustrators
Each portfolio owner at illoz can create unlimited numbers of portfolio categories for themselves, and then have any number of images within each individual portfolio. There's no limit in either portfolio categories, or images. Show as much as you like, update it any time with a simple user name and password.

Flash galleries, animation galleries, all here and ready to roll.

Illustrators can also set up user name and password protected workspaces for file sharing with art directors. Workspaces can be used for showing sketches and getting comments on those sketches. When the job is finished, upload the final art to the workspace for easy download.
How to make it happen
Portfolio sites at illoz are available by invitation only. If you know an illustrator who has a portfolio here already, you can email them and they can put in a request to give you access. You can also fill out on online registration request here.

The cost for portfolio sites at illoz is 150 American dollars a year. It's free for the first 60 days. To keep the numbers reasonable and the quality high - illoz does not provide portfolios to everyone.