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Welcome to illoz
by Zimm
a different kind of portfolio site for illustrators...

There are some basic assumptions at work at One is that illustrators should be able to show as many images online as they want to. That may sound like a fairly basic concept, but believe it or not, the world of online portfolios hasn't done that yet. illoz solves that situation.

The flip side is that art directors should be allowed to browse through an unlimited number of images for any given illustrator. illoz is accomplishing those two basics, just for starters. Other simple ideas are included, just because they can be.

There's another idea at work...

Top illustrators shouldn't have their portfolios rubbing elbows with beginners. That's why illoz is available to top talent, by invitation only. How does that work? Only the people who have a portfolio at illoz can send out an invitation. The quality stays high and the numbers stay low.

How it happened

The people that are here made it happen. They've been busy exposing cracks in the code and helping make illoz the kind of place they want to use and are proud of. The code that runs illoz was written by two guys with four computers.

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