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The Great Mousepad Swindle
by Zimm
illoz gets ripped off

illoz mousepads designed by Gary Taxali and intended to be given away to art directors have not been delivered because the company we contracted with, KOOLPRINT.COM took our money ($990) and delivered absolutely nothing.

illoz is currently looking for another vendor to make this mousepad thing happen. If you know of a company that manufactures high quality mousepads, let us know.

Here's the back-story on the mangy rats at KOOLPRINT.COM
In March, illoz received a shipment of mousepads that were remarkably defective. The entire batch was warped, which rendered them useless for their intended purpose of lying flat on a table top. Seven months ago, KOOLPRINT .COM promised to send replacements - today they refuse to even answer our emails regarding the matter.

The business address of KOOLPRINT.COM is listed as Bellaire, Texas. If you call them, you are routed to somewhere in Pakistan, where you can speak to someone who will tell you to send an email to them. Sending an email to KOOLPRINT will work every time if you are inquiring about buying products. If you are inquiring about an order, you will never hear back from them.

When illoz placed the original order with the miserable KOOLPRINT.COM, back in January of 2007, there was no indication at all that the company was a scam operation. Since then, multiple websites have been set up to alert the public to their rat fink ways.

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