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Recent work
(71 images)
A snapshot of artwork from the last few years
Flat color
(84 images)
Graphic and sophisticated with a strong conceptual and/ or humorous bent
(43 images)
Conceptually driven stuff (some pieces feature in the other portfolios)
(20 images)
Portraiture- combining stylistic elements from my line driven and more graphic work to produce likenesses with an underlying narrative strand
(15 images)
A selection of repeat patterns and decorative images
Line & color
(64 images)
Clear-line, flat-colour. Mainly editorial work. Narrative-based usually with a conceptual or humorous slant
Picture book illustration
(22 images)
Various images for children's picture books
The Folio Society: The Moving Toyshop
(7 images)
Illustrations for The Folio Society's edition of The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin
(4 images)
'Apes-A-Go-Go!' Children's picture book, written by Roman Milisic, published by Harper Collins UK. Out in the US 2015.
Folio Society book: 'Brat Farrar'
(8 images)
Illustrations (cover, frontis and seven interior plates) for the Folio Society's edition of Josephine Tey's thriller, 'Brat Farrar'
Tim Hayward's Food Column (FT Magazine)
(25 images)
Illustrations to accompany award-winning food writer and restaurateur Tim Hayward's super column in the Financial Times Weekend Magazine
Richard Allen Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016: http://richard-allen.com
(1 images)
Richard Allen Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016: http://richard-allen.com
Richard has worked for many clients in editorial, design and advertising including the New Yorker, the Folio Society, Plansponsor, New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ, Utne, The Guardian,...
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