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Michael Doret's Portfolios
Sports Logos
(4 images)
A few sports related logos.
Music Logos
(7 images)
A portfolio of music industry related logos.
Entertainment Logos
(9 images)
A collection of entertainment industry related logos.
Various Logos/Lettering/Labels/Promotions
(16 images)
A collection of various and sundry pieces that didn't seem to fit into the other categories.
Logos for Signage
(8 images)
Several logos designed for use as signage.
(23 images)
A portfolio of CD, book, magazine covers and pages.
(10 images)
A collection of posters for various projects (A few available for purchase).
Michael Doret grew up in Brooklyn, NY near Coney Island—the influence of which is permanently etched in his work. He graduated from Cooper Union, and went on to start his own design studio in...
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