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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #8
May 30, 2007
illustrations tracked down from the past few weeks and posted by the illoz gang for your pondering and perusal.

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illustration thanks to Lou Brooks


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Cover of Der Spiegel
posted by Tim O'Brien
client: Der Spiegel Magazine
art director: Stefan Kiefer

I just finished an overnight painting for the cover of Der Spiegel. The assignment called for an angelic child with his eyes the shape of TVs or Computer screens. There needed to be one more thing to connect more that it was TV or computers we were referencing so I thought of the arrow and the computer using the arrow as a highlight. It worked. My German friends here can hopefully translate the cover copy. My son Cassius was a great model and I have so many great reference shots and he held it together for a quick shoot before getting the giggles. It was a fun job and a cute subject.

A-two, three, four...
posted by A.Richard Allen
client: Aon One
art director: Mark Oxborrow

Another smooth, expertly directed job (I'm getting spoiled through illoz). The copy was about imposing corporate policy on global outposts without being too dictatorial. More about the process here...

we love space invaders..
posted by John Hersey
client: Hemispheres Magazineq
art director: Jody Mustain

A small article about the collecting frenzy around retro arcade games.
I actually reeeeaaally love asteroids. I think its the best computer game ever invented.

Alison Krauss Poster
posted by Joshua Gorchov
client: Another Planet Entertainment
art director: Johanna Vater

This is an 18" x 24", three color, silk screen poster for an Alison Krauss concert.

Minnie Driver for The Wall Street Journal
posted by Zina Saunders
client: The Wall Street Journal
art director: Ketrina Hoskin

Ketrina Hoskin at The Wall Street Journal made my week when she asked me to do a portrait of Minnie Driver for the Hit List.

The printed version was even longer; it was cropped at mid-calf. These long portraits means coming up with poses that look fluid and natural, which requires a good deal of posturing in front of my mirror.

Working with Ketrina was a dream, as was painting Ms. Driver.

Book Cover: Cellophane
posted by Cathleen Toelke
client: The Dial Press
art director: Paolo Pepe

Cellophane, a bawdy novel set mid-20th century in the Amazon, is a story where magic, science, and destiny collide. It's published this month by The Dial Press.  I loved reading the book, and the author, Marie Arana, is a Peruvian American who knows how to weave a dense and engaging comic tale.  The characters in their unlikely setting made for a lot of fun in creating this cover:

Don Victor Sobrevilla, at the age of 12, was handed a mysterious gypsy fortune.  As an engineer, Don Victor dreams of building a paper mill on the Amazon.  He moves his aristocratic family and all their eccentricities into the heart of the Peruvian jungle, where he proceeds to build his empire.  Beliefs, values and culture are auspiciously contrasted, but tongues, desire, and mayhem break loose when Don Victor discovers the formula for that transparent 20th century wonder, cellophane.

Steve Jobs for The Time 100
posted by Hanoch Piven
client: Time Magazine
art director: Thomas Miller

Portrait of Steve Jobs done for the Time 100 Most Influencial People.
Jobs turned out to be more difficult than what I had anticipated.
Hope I managed to get the twinkle in his eye...
You can read the story here.