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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #9
June 15, 2007
illustration roundup, from the good folks at illoz!

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illustration thanks to Doug Fraser


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Fantasy Football featuring Steve Smith
posted by Zina Saunders
client: ESPN Magazine
art director: Kathie Scrobanovich

The Carolina Panthers' very own Steve Smith, ready for action, for the Fantasy Football 2007 issue. of ESPN magazine.

In the Wake of a Divorce.
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Notre Dame Magazine
art director: Donald Nelson

From a feature editorial about children of divorce, specifically the story of a little girl who [when her father leaves]  wishes she could be a bird and fly away.

Direct Marketing Recycle Image
posted by David Flaherty
client: Direct Marketing Association
art director: Internal

David Flaherty recently completed an image for the Direct Marketing Association to be used on a poster and other applications.  The image of a baby polar bear was designed to work with the DMA's pre-existing recycle logo consisting of a recycle bin.   The image, was intended to appeal to children who would in turn, motivate parents to recycle.  The polar bear is an example of a species endangered by global warming.

A Circus Life
posted by James Steinberg
client: University of Buffalo
art director: Alan Kegler

This was for a story about a recent Med School Graduate, her life growing up in the Circus, and her goal to make health care available to Circus performers. The art director just asked for a Circus picture.

In space no one can smell you smoking
posted by A.Richard Allen
client: Caterer & Hotelkeeper
art director: Marc Barker

Trying to freshen up that old topic of smoking bans coming in across the world, I suggested the idea of the only place left for a smoking room being in orbit.

Conquering Clutter
posted by Scott Bakal
client: Women of Spirit | Genesis Design
art director: Bryan Gray

A great job to do just in time for spring cleaning!  Bryan was great to work with on this.  I had more opportunity to abstract the concept here a little more and I have been oddly obsessed with circles lately.

posted by BOBBERTOLINI Staake
client: Bloomsbury USA
art director: Jill Davis (okay, fine -- Bob Staake)

Back cover illustration using ficticious plaudits by internationally famous nursery rhyme characters who, of course, are LONG dead and buried, but we figured 'hey, what the heck?'. Like Old King Cole is gonna sue? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

green cement
posted by John Hersey
client: Technology Review
art director: Lee Caufield

the developement of cement from sustainable ingredients

Tea-Soaked Illustration
posted by Michael Sloan
client: Plansponsor
art director: SooJin Buzelli

At the beginning of this assignment, SooJin sent me an e-mail with several samples of my work which appealed to her. One of these images was created in a style that I developed a few years ago. The art looks like an historical document from an old archive (I stain the paper with Darjeeling tea to give it an antique look). I love to work in this style, though I don't get many opportunities to do so. I'm glad that SooJin encouraged me to use this tea-soaked style for this assignment.

This illustration accompanied an article about army personnel negotiating leave time for the holidays. You can see more samples of this tea-soaked style here.

Oye Celia!
posted by Edel Rodriguez
client: Henry Holt Publishers
art director: Kate Farrell

This is the cover of a recently released children's book that I illustrated about the Latin Salsa singer Celia Cruz.  More illustrations from the book and photos of the book release party can be seen here.

Round 'Em Up!
posted by J.D. King
client: Storage Magazine
art director: Mary Beth Cadwell

For an article about collecting all the pesky data under one roof.

Regrets Only
posted by Rob Dunlavey
client: PLANSPONSOR Magazine
art director: SooJin Buzelli

This illustration accompanied an article about two people: one wished he could have taken back certain things that he had said. The other person never checked her mailbox which was filled to bursting with mail.