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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #12
August 6, 2007
illustration roundup rustles up another batch of fine finds from the illoz riders.

illustration thanks to Rob Dunlavey

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B.J. Novak of TV's The Office...
posted by Zach Trenholm
client: Boston Magazine
art director: Robert Parsons

Their annual list local somebodies---11 portraits in all. Along with John Kerry, B.J. Novak was the other of the only two that came with national recongnition. He also ended up being my favorite of the bunch....

Think it runs in Sept.....

Anyhow A.D. wuz the undemanding Robert Parsons (Thanks again Rob if you're snooping around here.... :) )

Duncan Sheik
posted by Zina Saunders
client: The Wall Streret Journal
art director: Dave Bamundo

Dave Bamundo at The Wall Street Journal called me up to do a favorite of his, Duncan Sheik, for the Hit List.

It was a long and narrow format, so it was fun coming up with poses to fill the space in an interesting way.

After painting Duncan Sheik, he's a favorite of mine, too.

 - article online

Therapy/Time Exchange
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: The Hartford Courant
art director: Ananda Walden

Editorial feature for the cover of the Courant's Life Section dealing with a unique program whereby people can exchange charity volunteer time for free psychotherapy creating a cycle of healing.

the NY Times tech blog
posted by John Hersey
client: the New York Times
art director: Rebecca Paterson

A small and fun assignment to create an image that works well with the standard bold NY Times Header ... here's what it looks like live
. This blog is a great place to get quality info on the newest generation of digital gear that we know we shouldn't want or need  but we do anyway.

Pen Testing
posted by A.Richard Allen
client: Secure Computing Magazine
art director: Pat Brock

Straightforward piece on companies testing their network security by simulating break-ins (or penetration 'pen' tests). Nice opportunity to use my more graphic, uncluttered style

posted by Jim Paillot
client: Network World Magazine
art director: Stephen Sauer

Are passwords passé? Maybe. Someday. David O’Connell, senior analyst at Nucleus Research, says, “Passwords are inconvenient and people are careless with them." Voice, fingerprint and facial recognition are just some of the new ways that biometric and cognitive tools are revolutionizing authentication.

Last summer, ContactWorks took the radical step of getting rid of passwords and turning instead to the PassFaces authentication solution. PassFaces requires users to recognize a series of people, picking known faces out from a cluster of random people. According to the company, this method of authentication “leverages the brain’s innate cognitive ability to recognize human faces."

Death on the Run!
posted by J.D. King
client: Bicycling Magazine
art director: Susanne Bamberger

Grim Reaper meets his match!

Online slideshow programs
posted by David Flaherty
client: murky offshore corportation
art director: Chris Phillips

Viewing slideshows online.

posted by David Gothard
client: The New York Times
art director: Aviva Michaelov

The Week in Review section - 8/5/07. The Aspen tree is making a recovery in Yellowstone Park, thanks to the introduction of wolves back in 1995. The wolves keep the elk population under control. The elk eat the tender shoots of the Aspen tree.

Alumni Profile
posted by Chris Lyons
client: University of Buffalo
art director: Rebecca Farnham

I do a nice amount of work for my alma mater so when my thoughtful Art Director nominated me for an Alumni Profile in UB Today Magazine, I was moved. I spent 7 years there screwing around and changing majors until I found the School of Art and Design. She suggested that instead of the usual serious, business-guy-in-a-suit photo that gets done for the researchers, doctors and movie stars, that maybe I would like to do an interesting self-portrait. Well, the only time I seem to get solitary "thinking time" lately is when I'm swimming endless, mindless laps... and the rest is history.

Antiques Roadshow T shirt
posted by Mark S. Fisher
client: WGBH TV
art director: Dennis O'Reilly

Long time client WGBH commissioned me this summer to design the T- shirt image for Antiques Roadshows 12th Season Tour . The AR team all get shirts as a gift at the wrap party. The party takes place at the end of the summer after filming at the various cities. The look of this years shirt has a feel of the typography found on rock posters from 40 years ago, Yikes! The US image appears on the back while the 12th Season Tour appears on the breast.

Lyndon LaRouche
posted by David Cowles
client: The New Republic
art director: Joe Heroun

A portrait of Lyndon LaRouche, perenial third party candidate, nut case and apparent Hillary supporter. Trying to push the "crazy" aspect on this one. Done in my newer, distressed looking style.

Depression in the workplace
posted by Edel Rodriguez
client: Businessweek
art director: Nick Torello

This was for a story on an unusually high rate of suicides in some European businesses after they've adopted American work standards.  The employees end up working longer days to meet the new demands and many end up seeking treatment for depression.  More of my conceptual work can be seen at this portfolio here at Illoz.

Scorched Earth
posted by Colin Johnson
client: Harvard Business Review
art director: Annette Trivette

Illustration created for an article about the fact that pollution in China has reached epic proportions to a such a degree that it threatens the ability of multinational corporations to do business as usual.

Perinatal Depression
posted by Katherine Streeter
client: The Boston Globe Magazine
art director: Josue Evilla

This was a piece about depression during pregnancy. I have done a lot of pieces about this topic, or related issues. The art director , Josue, called me and explained the story, and then followed it by saying : "Some day I'm going to call you to do a piece about a big field of happy flowers" (I don't mind doing the darker is always interesting!)