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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #14
September 25, 2007
Saddle-up at the illoz ranch for another episode of illustration roundup.

illustration thanks to JD King

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Twang me, baby!
posted by Rick Sealock
client: Las Vegas Weekly
art director: Benjamen Purvis

Yeee Hawww buckaroos, a new yee-haw paradise country bar opens in Las Vegas, and this "cowboy ultralounge fits that bill.......and the bull!

mixtapes in space
posted by John Hersey
client: NYTimes OP-ED page
art director: sam weber and brain rea

this was great article about how NASA came to weld gold coated records, with music and pictures from all over the world, to the voyager satellites which launched in 1977 and are 12 and 15 billion km into space now

Data compression and capacity
posted by Michael Sloan
client: Networker magazine
art director: Caren Rosenblatt

Thanks to the art director Caren Rosenblatt for suggesting the concept for this full-page illustration.

Hawks and Boys and Life's Challenge
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Arizona Highways Magazine
art director: Barbara Denney

Another Along the Way column for Arizona Highways.  This one's about a fledgling Harris hawk and how the author compares watching it's development to raising her own sons.  There's something about birds...

Inside the Mind of Your Advisor
posted by Lou Brooks
client: Money Magazine
art director: Davia Smith, Scott Weiss

Full page feature opener for the October issue. Just what are those financial planners really thinking??

Catwalk Cafe- a supplement cover about Milan's designer restaurants
posted by A.Richard Allen
client: Wall St Journal Europe
art director: Carlos Tovar

A peach of an assignment- a sensible amount of time (although it took only a few days it was good to have breathing space), minimum fuss from the AD and a pretty end result.

Water Mob
posted by Dale Stephanos
client: Santa Fe Reporter
art director: Angela Moore

Cover illustration for a story on the top 10 water abusers in Santa Fe. The local officials are using strongarm tactics to force water usage offenders to conserve.

Remilitarized Zone
posted by J.D. King
client: Rethinking Schools Magazine
art director: Patrick JB Flynn

For an article about a stepped up military recruitment aimed at inner-city kids.

posted by David Cowles
client: The New Republic
art director: Joe Heroun

Reprehensible Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens is known for his pork barrel politics and sporting an Incredible Hulk tie. I used the opportunity to do some channeling of the mid-sixties Jack Kirby. And the kind and powerful Joe Heroun allowed me do it.

Array Vendors Broaden Their Toolsets
posted by Joel Castillo
client: Storage Magazine
art director: Mary Beth Cadwell

This illustration was created for an article that's about "the growing competition among array vendors to stay competitive by expanding the types of applications that are included in their array operating systems".