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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #16
November 19, 2007
illustration round-up rustles together the latest from the good folks at at illoz.
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illustration thanks to Lou Brooks

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Tapping into the Creative Mind
posted by Katherine Streeter
client: Writers Digest Magazine
art director: Kathy DeZarn

These were full page illustrations for a feature about writing to one's
most creative potential. From top left, clockwise:
1. Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
2. Meeting of the Minds
3. Mapping out of a Block
4. Too Many Ideas

Dead Tie
posted by Dale Stephanos
client: Artists Against the War

This was done for the "Artists Against The War" show being put together by Steve Brodner. I'm not sure when, but the show will be at the Society of Illustrators.

speedy 401k's
posted by John Hersey
client: plansponsor magazine
art director: soojin buzelli

speedily migrating your 401k plan over to your employer's new plan is definitely not as much fun as looking at this bunny running up the hill with the aid of this conveyor belt and magic gears in the forest

Illustrating Puzzlement
posted by Zina Saunders
client: Women of Spirit
art director: Bryan Gray

For an article about a young woman conducting an interview for her college newspaper of an especially spiritual young man who turns the tables on her, asking her a series of perplexing and thought provoking questions. Conveying the puzzlement on her face was especially fun.

Harvard Medical School Deans Reprt
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Harvard Medical School
art director: Rachel Eastwood

A complicated series of paintings depicting some aspect of Systems Theory as applied throughout the HMS's own various systems.  I discovered the notion of Waddington's Marble sifting through the reams of research and after discussing a "children's toy/Rube Goldberg contraption"  solution, I thought that we could use the marble/game depicting human brain research and thereby avoiding any gross anatomy.

The descending dollar
posted by Greg Mably
client: New York Times
art director: Aviva Michaelov

A series of icons for the timeline section. From top, left to right: 1) The dollar sank to a record low against the euro and stock markets plummeted over concerns about rising oil prices and a looming economic slowdown. 2) French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned Congress that the Bush administration must stem the plunge in the dollar or risk a trade war. 3) The weak dollar helped lift US exports and reduce America's trade deficit for the rest of the world to a 28-month low. 4)The falling dollar has made foreign travel for American tourists much more expensive, but a bargain for foreign visitors coming to the United States. 5)Underscoring concerns about the dollar, the hip-hop start Jay-Z , in his latest video, shows off his wealth by flashing stacks of 500-Euro bills.

Benazir Bhutto
posted by Chang Park
client: More magazine
art director: Maxine Davidowitz

Portrait of Benazir Bhutto to accompany an exclusive interview featured in the Dec. issue of More.

F5 Magazine illustrations
posted by David Flaherty
client: F5 Magazine
art director: Alicia Jylkk

I was commissioned to illustrate an issue of F5 magazine recently.  They hire an illustrator to do the entire issue, about 8 illustrations in total.  This is a full page about financial software access to databases.
I chose to use the linear figures on this one to keep the piece light.

George DuBoeuf Wine ads
posted by Ellen Weinstein
client: George DuBoeuf Wines
art director: Sandra Scher

This is the second in a series of ads that I have completed for the George DuBoeuf Wine company.  The theme of the campaign is, "You don't have to understand the French to appreciate their wines".

A Kinder, Gentler Sandra Bernhard
posted by Zach Trenholm
client: Jewish Living
art director: Carol Moskot

For it's inaugral issue:  Bernhard sans trademarked scowl.  Posed with daughter (I was surprised to learn too---apparently she's like Ann Hecht in that sort of way :-)) & lighting Menorah candles...

School Without Racism - School With Courage
posted by Peter Zierlein
client: Schule Ohne Rassismus/ Schule Mit Courage
art director: Eberhard Seidel

this the cover for 'Q-Rage' (phonetically courage), the annual magazine publication of 'Schule Ohne Rassismus/Schule Mit Courage' (School without racism/school with courage) it is printed in an edition of 1 million and distributed to german highschools. the organization is a youth action program to learn and live in tolerance in a increasingly diverse society. (Also read the article in the Nov/Dec issue of Print Magazine - regional design issue)

Banks for Illegal Aliens
posted by Scott Bakal
client: Wall Street Journal
art director: Pete Hausler

A quick overnighter for Pete!  An interesting piece about how American companies are looking to cash in on illegal immigrants and their cash.  The debate rages...!

Making Snow for Cancer Research
posted by Greg Newbold
client: Dana Farber Cancer Institute
art director: Self

This past summer I was asked, along with dozens of other children's book illustrators,  to contribute a hand painted wooden snowflake for the "Robert's Snow" project to raise funds for cancer research. The snowflakes are all online at

My Snowflake "Pip's Letter to Santa" is dedicted to my my Dad who died of cancer in 2006. Bidding goes from Nov 26-30.

How Green is Old Blue?
posted by Michael Sloan
client: Yale Alumni Magazine
art director: Mark Zurolo

I enjoyed creating four cartoons for this assignment on how Yale University is "going Green" with a series of environmentally friendly initiatives. The art director thought that the art could be an amusing counterpoint to the earnestness of the text.