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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration Roundup #1
February 15, 2007
A compilation of recently published, seen and other-wise notable illustration from the past month.

Thanks to Mark Matcho for the singing cowboy.

posted by Greg Mably
client: Philadelphia magazine
art director: Michael McCormick

From the Feb 07 issue of Philadelphia magazine. This is a half page created to accompany an article discussing how ex romantic relationships can influence habits both good and bad as well as tastes in music, food, art etc. The article was written primarily from a female perspective and the art direction called for a conceptual, non-specific approach, which I much prefer to the literal and specific. I also used this assignment as an opportunity to shift a little in style. It's a bit more figurative - less cartoony than usual.

the history of vaccines
posted by John Hersey
client: New York TImes Book review
art director: Nicholas Blechman

A review of a book in which wars played a major role in the developement of vaccines and its always a good job when Nicholas calls ... john

Programs to Promote Female Managers Wins Citations
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: The Wall Street Journal
art director: Gary Falkenstern

Gary is new at the Journal.  He and I worked together for years when he was at Business Week.  He's a Dylanofile and plays guitar.  The job was due on a Sunday, which was a first for me.  Too bad, as is often the case, it ran in black and white.

Magazine Cover
posted by Michael Sloan
client: InfoWorld
art director: Alissa Mathison

I work regularly for Alissa Mathison at InfoWorld, creating spot illustrations that appear at the back of the magazine. This assignment was about increasing efficiency and productivity at work, and involved five quarter-page illustrations and this full-page image which appeared on the cover. As usual, working with Alissa was a pleasure, and I'm very happy with the way the art turned out. Thanks, Alissa.

Illustration for a Book Review
posted by Edel Rodriguez
client: The Los Angeles Times
art director: Carol Kaufman

The title of this book is "Lost City Radio", by Daniel Alarcon.  Set in a fictional South American nation where guerrillas have long clashed with the government, this novel follows three characters affected by civil strife. Norma, whose husband, Rey, disappeared 10 years ago after the end of a civil war, hosts popular radio show Lost City Radio, which reconnects callers with their missing loved ones. This novel is a very good portrayal of war's lingering consequences.

posted by Christopher Silas Neal
client: LA Times
art director: Tom Trapnell

This was my first time being contacted through Illoz. I had joined for just a few days when I received the message from Tom Trapnell at the Los Angeles Times that he needed an Illustration. The turnaround was quick, which I like, and it was to be featured in the Sunday Current as a cover. The artical was about the growing emphasis on polling in our society. The writer reminds us that it wasn't long ago that polls held little if any signifigance in shaping the public's opnion. Now, political data isn't deemed valid or news worthy unless it has been polled. Technological advances have made it possible to extrapolate large numbers from just a small sample of people.

My original sketch had a large hand with eye dropper, sampling a pool of faces representing the greater U.S. population. Tom liked it but didn't like the fact that an eye dropper can either take a sample as in my original idea or disburse material as in medicine. He thought the ambiguity of the instrument weakend the otherwise strong idea. I agreed. He suggested a caliper which takes small measurments for scientific data. This ended up being the perfect solution.

I'm happy with the final and working with Tom was great.

Twisty Birdcage Thingy
posted by BOBBERTOLINI Staake
client: Global Custodian
art director: Soojin Buzelli

Soojin sent me the manuscript and a few samples of my work on as a point of stylish reference then let me just do something fun. She REALLY was a delight to work with.

Lucinda Williams
posted by Joshua Gorchov
client: Rolling Stone
art director: Joe Newton

This was for the review of Lucinda Williams' new album, West.

Rabbit Transit
posted by Dave Calver
client: NYC MTA
art director: Lydia Bradshaw

This is my 2nd "Art Card" for MTA. Went in trains a few weeks ago.