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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #21
June 23, 2008
Yet another sample platter of the latest vittles from the illoz crew.

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illustration thanks to A.Richard Allen

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God & Reason
posted by Jonathan Twingley
client: Los Angeles Times Book Review
art director: Carol Kaufman

A painting for "The Last Day:  Wrath, Ruin and Reason in the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755."  Remember that one?  It was a doozy.  And the more things change...

posted by Greg Mably
client: Boston Globe magazine
art director: Josue Evilla

Balancing careers and childcare. Career options: education, enviroment, security/military/law enforcement, food services/hospitality

so whats with social networks?
posted by John Hersey
client: Stanford Magazine
art director: Amy Shroads

Some thoughts and theories about the the cultural and economic affects of social networking sites like myspace and facebook.

What is THAT!?
posted by Lou Brooks
client: NW Health Magazine
art director: Amy Lowe

Ya see, this little blemish has appeared on her otherwise confident and perfectly gorgeous face... An illustration for Seattle's Group Health NW Health summer issue. The article's about curious but harmless skin conditions. Taking a fairly ho-hum subject and making an impatient reader hit the brakes and actually read the page... this is my quest!

posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: New Orleans Magazine
art director: Eric Gernhauser

The U.S. Government is going after the con artists and hucksters who tried to make a killing off Hurricane Katrina.

Within 2 days I got calls from both New Orleans AND Memphis Magazines!  In my world, that's as cool as it can get: down the Mississippi where the green grass grows...just like Guitar Junior!

The scene depicted is a hit-man pay-off that took place in the swamp!

Cyber Spies
posted by J.D. King
client: The Jewish Chronicle
art director: John Belknap

For an article about an Israeli group that monitors online terrorists.

Artwork for ICON5, The Illustration Conference
posted by Edel Rodriguez
client: ICON

This is a poster I created for ICON5, The Illustration Conference, which takes place in New York City from July 2-6.  The image is being used on street banners in the city, on the program cover, mailed posters and a variety of other collateral.  Please click on this link to see a larger image and learn more about the conference.

How We Got Into This Mess
posted by Michael Sloan
client: The American Prospect
art director: Mary Parsons

One of three illustrations for three articles "on the causes of America's economic decline and the ways to reverse it". I'm glad I had the chance to work for Mary Parsons. I've admired her design work for years, particularly at the Atlantic Monthly.

Celebrating the Infamous Black Bird
posted by Owen Smith
client: San Francisco Arts Commission
art director: Judy Moran

Owen Smith pays tribute to hard-boiled detective fiction writer Dashiell Hammett's most famous novel "The Maltese Falcon" by creating six poster designs to be installed up and down San Francisco's Market Street. These will be on view from June through September 2008.

5 Global Trends in Project Management
posted by Celia Johnson
client: PM Network Magazine
art director: Gretchen Kirchner | Imagination

The 5-trends-in-one-illustration challenge: I got them in there, see if you can pick them out. Trend 1: Cutthroat competition for grabbing fresh talent. Trend 2: Emerging markets break growth records and launch mega-projects, often without the proper infrastructure yet in place. TREND 3: New innovations such as crowdsourcing and other social networking tools redefine the way companies gather ideas and set strategies & goals. TREND 4: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts figure as prominently as annual earnings reports or hot new products. TREND 5 : The 24/7 global business world is dizzying as PMs have less time and fewer resources to get more done under higher expectations.

Fernanda illustrates 2 posters for Gardasil through DDB
posted by Fernanda Cohen
client: Gardasil/ DDB
art director: Elise Daher

Fernanda Cohen just finished illustrating a poster campaign for Gardasil, the vaccine against cervical cancer. The campaign is designed by the ad agency DDB.

posted by A.Richard Allen
client: Guardian
art director: Ersoy Emin

A section cover for the (UK) Guardian newspaper on the subject of Slow Working. The article's author investigates the idea of applying the principles of the Slow Food to working habits, introducing a little calm when we're all expected to be throwing ourselves into gainful activity the whole of our waking lives.

More about the process here

Nice direction from MR Ersoy Emin

Erie canal warehouse
posted by Chris Lyons
client: personal

This old truck sat there for years. Every time I'd stroll by on my canal walks I'd think about how beautiful the scene was. Most people complained about it - it was the village eyesore. I did a bunch of sketches from different angles at different times of the day, then settled on this. 1 week after I finished my drawing, the truck was gone.

Should you drink with your kids?
posted by Ellen Weinstein
client: Time Magazine
art director: Christine Dunleavy

Article exploring introducing kids to alcohol.