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Illustration Roundup!
Issue #22
August 13, 2008
You guessed it. It's time for another round-up from the cowpokes at the illoz outpost.

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illustration thanks to Teresa Fasolino

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Al Queda 2.0
posted by John Hersey
client: NYTimes OpEd page
art director: Brian Reas

al queda is not so good with web 2.0

Summer Jobs for Teens
posted by Michael Sloan
client: The Boston Globe
art director: Greg Klee

One of five illustrations that accompanied an Op-Ed article written by the publisher of The Boston Globe about increasing summer job opportunities for teens and young adults in the inner city. I did the drawings loosely and in most cases used sketches as final art. This is my favorite one of the series; the brush lines really "sing" to me.

Robert Crawford illustrates mural for Bank of America
posted by Robert Crawford
client: Bank of America/BBDO

The community development-themed mural was created by artist Robert Crawford.

"We're excited to continue the tradition of this mural wall, Bank of America is proud to highlight some of the outstanding organizations that make Chicago such a terrific place to live, work and play."

Capturing the spirit of community development throughout Chicago, the mural includes organizations and institutions, as well as iconic neighborhood buildings.

This was a wonderful project , said Robert Crawford , the artist,  BBDO allowed me  to be in on the project from the beginning. I got to do the comp instead of their layout artist. Their concept was based on a painting by Brueghel which was really exciting. They wanted "art" not just a rendering of neighborhoods.


A Doctor and His Malpractice Trial
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: New Orleans Magazine
art director: Eric Gernhauser

A Sketchbook Style piece for a medical column about the complexity of malpractice suits [in this case involving a patient with a blood platelet disease].

Viva La Vida
posted by Graham Smith
client: Rolling Stone
art director: Steven Charny

I was stoked when Steven asked me to illustrate Coldplay for the Review section in Rolling Stone.

High Prices
posted by J.D. King
client: American Baby
art director: Chi-Un Lee

How to pinch car pennies today.

12 Zodiac Girls Tees
posted by Fernanda Cohen
client: Studio 42
art director: Liz Kolansky

Fernanda Cohen recently finished illustrating 12 zodiac girls for a line of T-shirts for the NY-based company Studio 42.  

Summer fun
posted by David Flaherty
art director: David Flaherty

Summer fun special.

Charm School
posted by Christoph Hitz
client: The Boston Globe
art director: Stephanie Yiu

Can Senator Barack Obama's charm be learned? Scholars unpack the secrets of charisma, and suggest the elusive quality can be taught.

Business Schools and the Consulting Industry
posted by Rob Dunlavey
client: Tuck School of Business/Dartmouth College
art director: Ed Winchester

This full-page illustration was for the bi-annual publication of the the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. The article examined the beneficial relationship the consulting industry has on rounding out and fine-tuning graduates of the business school.

The Strangers
posted by Kyle T. Webster
client: The New Yorker
art director: Max Bode

For the Goings On About Town section, an illustration for the movie section, singling out the creepy new thriller, 'The Strangers,' starring Liv Tyler.

China Olympics 2008
posted by Tim O'Brien
client: The New York Times
art director: Wayne Kamidoi

This was a fun assignment; to do a landscape of the Olympic Games in China.

Dirty Doctor
posted by Christopher Nielsen
client: San Francisco Chronicle
art director: Frank Mina

Cover for a story on a leading pediatrician pocketing money from drug companies while extolling the virtues of taking their psychiatric medicine.

Long Jumper
posted by A.Richard Allen
art director: SooJin Buzelli

As always, the magnificent AD-ing of SooJin Buzelli renders a potentially dry assignment magical. Given pretty much free-rein on the subject of measurement criteria for 130/30 Funds here's what I came up with.

Veg Fête
posted by Julia Breckenreid
client: Vegetarian Times Magazine
art director: Scott Hyers

Working with Scott was great! A half page - Spread the word about being vegetarian. A spot - Breast cancer myths, busted. A quarter page - The benefits of grape extracts for your skin.

Bog Poet
posted by Richard A Goldberg (rag)
client: Carus Publications
art director: Karen Kohn

Brrdpp! Illustration for Cricket Magazine about "The Bog Poet".

Build Your Own Website
posted by Peter + Maria Hoey
client: The Wall Street Journal
art director: Orlie Kraus

Cover of the Small Business special section on “How to Design, Build and Maintain a Web Site for Small Business”

posted by Lou Brooks
client: Drew University
art director: Margaret Kiernan

No, silly... not that ZAP Comic! Here, "Zap!" happens to be part of the title for a feature opener in the next issue of Drew Magazine. Working in his Hall of Sciences laboratory (you gotta love the name of THAT place!), Professor David McGee has been searching for "dye stability" in plastic. If he's successful, plastic would most likely replace glass as the favorite fiber in Internet fiber optics. The properties of glass are ideal, but its fragility makes it costly.

This was a fairly "dry-tech" assignment, but Margaret and I had a lot of fun dragging it into the realm of mad science. Sort of reminds me of The Invisible Man. The finishing touch was making it look like an actual comic book.

Political Consultant
posted by David Cowles
client: The New Republic
art director: Joe Heroun

An article about those fine folks who make dictators and despots look good for their close up.

Me & the Devil
posted by Scott Bakal
client: Crisford Press
art director: Scott Bakal / Bill Thomson

This series of art has been published into a full color, hand-signed, hard-bound limited edition book of 666 copies. This largely wordless book visually narrates the part fictional and part non-fictional story of legendary blues musician, Robert Johnson.

Various illustrations in this book have been accepted a total of 15 times from all the major illustration competitions including the Society of Illustrators, the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, American Illustration, Spectrum and 3X3. One of the images, "Got Down On My Knees and Prayed" has also won a prestigious Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators of New York and is currently under review to be included in the American Museum of Illustration’s permanent collection in New York.