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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #25
April 1, 2009
illustration roundup rustles up another issue from the notorious illoz gang
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Rough Cuts
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Plansponsor
art director: Soojin Buzelli

QP for an article about more cuts at GM.

Bratislava Biennal 2009
posted by David Pintor

Illustrator David Pintor has been selected to participate in the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava 2009, that starts in September in the Slovak capital. The selected illustrations are from the book Rigatoni Circus, Everest Galicia, published in 2008.

Flying Lux: Before and After
posted by Mark Hess
client: Condé Nast Traveler
art director: Byron Regej

AD Byron Regej called me with this assignment for a Condé Nast Traveler article about cheap luxury seats on airlines pinched by low sales. So I dutifully create my sketch and after a few adjustments produce my finished art. I get a call to tell me everyone likes the piece, but the editor has had a change of heart and wants a major revision which I cheerfully execute with about 5 hours until deadline. These are the two versions. Which one do you think ran? On newsstands soon.
(BTW, Byron is a hellava nice guy)

Pope in a hot tub...
posted by John Ueland
client: GQ
art director: Drue Wagner

A monthly end of book column illustration. This one entitled "Open Letter to the Pope Benedict". The article talked about how he was trying to be a pop culture pope with his use of YouTube and Facebook, so I had the notion of "Popes Gone Wild". A little hot tub filming for his fans. I'm eagerly awaiting the hate mail for this one...

Is Sex Good For the Environment?
posted by Robert Neubecker
art director: Natalie Mathews

Slate article comparing the carbon footprint of various birth control methods. The rythm method is best, but with a 26% failure rate, it can create a huge resource burning baby...

La Traviata
posted by Kyle T. Webster
client: Greensboro Opera
art director: Troy Tyner

This is from a series of three posters for the Greensboro Opera's 2009 season. It was a chance for me to play around with some new techniques and I enjoyed the results, as did the client.

posted by Rob Dunlavey
client: New York Times
art director: Richard Weigand

This illustration was about a happily married couple of nearly 30 years who have little in common except the fact that they are happily married. The excellent direction by AD Weigand made this an expecially pleasurable assignment.

Paul Motian Arriving at the Village Vanguard
posted by Michael Sloan
client: Cut to the Drummer benefit and auction

Here's the jazz drummer Paul Motian arriving at The Village Vanguard in NYC for a gig with his trio. I created this print for the recent "Cut to the Drummer" benefit and auction, organized by Sandra Dionisi in Toronto, Canada. Paul Motian performed with the Bill Evans trio in the early 1960's, and their live recordings at The Village Vanguard are some of my favorite CD's. I've listened to them hundreds of times and never tire of them. Paul Motian still performs frequently with his own trio at the Vanguard. I decided to pay homage to him and the club by including both in my artwork. There's Professor Nimbus (the character in my graphic novels and comics) holding the door open for him.

blasting your way to the information
posted by John Hersey
client: Plansponsor
art director: SooJin Buzzelli

tools fro sorting through dense information

Flush Those Toxins! Eh, Not So Fast
posted by Gwenda Kaczor
client: The New York Times
art director: Barbara Richer

 Illustration for an article about the pros and cons of detoxification programs and products.

Rethinking Bullies
posted by J.D. King
client: Rethinking Schools Magazine
art director: Patrick JB Flynn

This was for an article that went beyond "bullies in school" to "what makes a bully tick."

Adobe InDesign CS4 Book Cover
posted by Richard Downs
client: Peachpit Press
art director: Charlene Charles-Will

Art Director Charlene Charles-Will with authors Olav Martin Kvern & David Blatner wanted to portray a steam punk factory on their CS4 cover. Charlene and I had worked together years ago when she was at Sierra Magazine.It was fun working with her again.This book has been recommended by members of the Adobe InDesign development team.

Lilac Festival Poster
posted by Chris Lyons
client: City of Rochester
art director: Jennifer Wolfe, Jennifer Wolfe Design

 Poster for this year's Lilac Festival. They have upgraded the koi pond. It's a sweet festival, one of the biggest around.

Fiduciary Fundamentals?
posted by Christopher Nielsen
art director: SooJin Buzelli

 The article was entitled "Fiduciary Fundamentals" but thanks to SooJin the brief was "new direction". I'm still not sure I know what a "Fiduciary" is...

Proposition 8
posted by Scott Bakal
client: Liberty Magazine
art director: Bryan Gray

An excellent topic to illustrate!  Click here to go read about the job!

Cut To The Drummer Benefit Exhibition
posted by Robert Saunders
client: MS Society of Canada’s Scholarship Program
art director: Sandra Dionisi

This is a portrait of the late jazz drummer Tony Williams for an exhibit, Cut To The Drummer, in conjunction with F.U.M.S, a benefit concert organized by Aaron Solowoniuk, drummer of Canadian recording artists "Billy Talent", against multiple sclerosis, a disease Aaron has and spurred him to found the MS Society of Canada’s Scholarship Program, which provides post-secondary education support to those affected by the disease.

Method of Exercising a Cat
posted by mckibillo
client: Spectrum Magazine
art director: Michael Solita

A really fun solution for what could have been a very boring assignment… an article about recent Supreme Court decision reversing any earlier ruling on patents of business methods or ideas, as opposed to actual products. But Michael Solita, the AD, gave me free reign to run with the idea and here's the result!

Widget Factory
posted by Carl Wiens
client: New York Times
art director: Heena Ko

I dabble in robot doodles, but my sketches pitched for clients end up being just that- they never seem to make it to final art. This assignment for the New York Times proved to be the perfect fit.This illustration is for the launch page of a new service called TimesWidgets.

Notes from an Undergrad
posted by Kim Rosen
client: The Pennsylvania Gazette
art director: Catherine Gontarek

This was for a story about a boy who got his first opportunity to dance in the Boston Ballet. It was September 11th 2001 when the boy received notice of his acceptance and therefore a wide variety of emotions about his future ensued.

HARRY HUNGRY! -Steven Salerno's latest picture book is released
posted by Steven Salerno
client: Harcourt Publishing
art director: editor/ Samantha McFerrin

My newest children's picture book, Harry Hungry! -published by Harcourt, was released in bookstores nationwide last month, and is already gaining positive industry reviews. Thus far I have illustrated about 17 picture books, three of which as author & illustrator.

 It is a the story of a toddler who cannot stop eating everything in his path, including mailboxes, cars, bridges... to the point that he becomes a giant terror on the landscape eating mountains, the sky, and the moon... even the army cannot stop him! (but not to worry... all ends well.)
Buy a copy now before they are gobbled up! 
(below is a copy of the book's review by KIRKUS)
Steven Salerno, Harry Hungry!; illus. by the author 
40 pp. Harcourt 2/09 isbn  978-0-15-206257-6 $16.00 (ages 3-6)
Harry is hungry! And with his mouth open wide, he makes sure that everybody knows. Momma rushes in with a snack, but is not enough. Blueberries, cookies, the entire contents of the refrigerator- plus cars, a mountain, even the sky- nothing can satisfy Harry's voracious appetite. Will there be anything left for Harry to eat? More importantly, will there be anything left at all? Done in his trademark retro style, Salerno's bright, sweeping illustrations and offbeat perspectives instantly capture this tiny tot's insatiable energy, which is made all the funnier by his incongruously innocent-looking kewpie 'do. The chomp of Harry's mouth reverberates across the page, as does the grrrrrrgrrrrrr of his prodigiously rumbling belly. Luckily, just as Harry is about to reach up and munch on the moon, another familiar feeling comes over him. Harry is... sleepy. Children will delight in growling loudly along with Harry's tummy, turning story time into a rumbling, tumbling feast. (Picture book. 3-6)  -KIRKUS
You can see more images from the book, as well as sketches, by visiting the Children's Book section of my web site:

RAG at the Society of Illustrators
posted by Richard A Goldberg (rag)
client: Great Arrow Greeting Cards
art director: Lisa Samar

Bon Voyage. Greeting card design selected for the 51st exhibition of the Society of Illusrators.

posted by Dave Cutler
client: NEWSWEEK
art director: Leah Purcell

 Article on record companies new attempts at making money on the web.

Abraham Lincoln
posted by Michael Cho
client: New York Times Book Review
art director: Nicholas Blechman

I actually drew up 2 portraits of Lincoln for this New York TImes Book Review assignment, both bearded and clean-shaven.  This is the one that was published.

Fernanda Cohen Tours in London!
posted by Fernanda Cohen
client: Pocko

Fernanda Cohen had an advertising tour in London, including Grey, DDB, BBDO, Profero, Saatchi, and Ogilvy. This is the image created for the occasion.


In the meantime, she's also been working on a series of 4 T-shirst for GAP's (RED) campaign, a fully illustrated book for teens, and an anti drug and alcohol abuse poster for a US government agency.  

Can We Talk?
posted by James Steinberg
client: New York University
art director: John Klotnia/Opto Design

Now that America has elected an African-American to the highest office,many experts contend that it's time to discuss race--for real. Some have called the present era "post-racial". However, the need for frank, perhaps uncomfortable conversations about race is more urgent than ever given the expanding diversity of cultures and religions in the United States.

Becky Black
posted by John S. Dykes

 From a series (to be) of small newspaper obits portraits... 

posted by Christoph Hitz
client: The New York Times, City Section
art director: Richard Weigand

Ethnically diverse bloggers are having a positive impact on Brooklyn neighborhoods. 1 illustration out of a series of 3.

Dirt is Neat
posted by heidi younger
client: NY Times
art director: Richard Weigand

Springtime gardens  it's about mulch; a place where plants begin to sprout and worms wiggle about.
NY Times March 29th

shopping bag
posted by Marco Marella
client: ventiquattro magazine, italy
art director: sergio sartori

for a piece about shopping habits and consumers preferences.acrylics and pencil on wood.

Too Broke for Splitsville
posted by Ellen Weinstein
client: O, The Oprah Magazine
art director: Alex Spracher

Couples forced to stay together due to the recession.

Diving in!
posted by Larry Ross
client: self

Ther's nothing quite like that first splash of summer.

Film Poster
posted by Edel Rodriguez
client: Mongrel Media
art director: Hussain Amarshi

This is a poster for "Heaven on Earth" a new film by Deepa Mehta.  Please click here for more sketches and info on how the poster was put together.

posted by David Goldin
client: M2 Pets
art director: Mark Morrison

I provided the client with multiple views of each character (6 in all) which they sent on to the manufacturer.

We received prototypes which looked good, but small changes were made.

Just got a box delivered. The finished product!  A whole family of them. Awwwww....