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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #27
August 17, 2009
the illoz gang is on the loose again and shooting up the town in yet another episode of illustration roundup
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illustration thanks to Hanoch Piven
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Energy: Day to Night
posted by heidi younger
client: Fitness Magazine
art director: Tricia McGinty-Boyles

The article is about achieving a high energy level through-out the day and into the night. I took notes!
June 2009 issue

What's A Liberal Justice Now?
posted by Chris Lyons
client: The New York Times Sunday Magazine
art director: Cathy Gilmore-Barnes

 Nice to put the squeeze on an old basketball mate who now sits on the State Supreme Court!  Where else do you find the robes? A pleasure working with Cathy Gilmore-Barnes.

Things are looking up...
posted by John S. Dykes
client: Wall Street Journal
art director: Pete Hausler, Matthew Weber

 This piece was created for a Wall Street Journal article on stocks and the economy... and will be re-used as the cover of my upcoming book titled 'Mustard Application and its Definitive and Empirical Effects on a Brighter Outlook'. I will start writing at once.

migration poster
posted by Alberto Vazquez
client: Hellenic Migration Institute, Greece
art director: myself

140x100 cm


 Athens International Graphic Design Exhibition

From Friday, June 19 through June 21, 2009, 30 top graphic designers from 30 countries around the world are invited to make a personal comment on immigration by designing an original poster at the Syntagma Metro Station Exhibition Room

The roster of 30 contains 10 members of the international élite club of graphic designers AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and such renowned designers such as David Tartakover from Israel, James Victore and Luba Lukova from New York, Sara Faneli from the UK, Alejandro Magallanes from Mexico, Paul Boudens from Belgium, Alberto Vázquez from Spain, etc..

Man VS Machine
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Plansponsor Magazine
art director: Soojin Buzelli

Yep!  That's all there was to it!  I made it completely by hand, the old fashioned way. Acrylic and Pencil on Paper.

Your Home, the Microgrid
posted by mckibillo
client: Fast Company Magazine
art director: Dean Markadakis

Infographic showing how to turn your home into an electricty generating microgrid. Selling power back to the Man!

posted by Tim O'Brien
client: self

A small sketch one morning after the Iranian Election and aftermath resulted in a small drawing of Neda, the woman whose murder was recorded for all to see.  It was then posted on Drawger.

What followed was an outpouring of emotion from visitors from Iran to Drawger.  Over 400 letters and 500 e-mails to me personally.  
Almost all positive and thankful for recognition from the west.

Art can be a powerful tool.

Emotional World Tour
posted by Miguel Gallardo
client: Astiberri
art director: Miguel Gallardo

graphic novel about the diarys of a comic drawer on tour.

Obama on the GM Ride
posted by John Ueland
client: GQ Magazine
art director: Drue Wagner

Back of book article on the Obama administration and it's dealings with GM.

Credit Score Confusion
posted by Kyle T. Webster
client: Washington Post
art director: M. Seregi

Business cover section illustration for the Post on the subject of credit score confusion amongst consumers. 

Books as Light as a Sea Breeze
posted by Kim Rosen
client: The Hartford Courant
art director: Elizabeth Zuhl

Cover illustration for the Hartford Courant's Arts section focusing on new books for light summer reading.

posted by Jonathan Twingley


Written & Illustrated by Jonathan Twingley


Madrid bookfair
posted by David Pintor
client: Leer magazine
art director: davidpintor

Illustration for the spanish cultural magazine LEER. Madrid bookfair 2009

posted by Thomas Fuchs
client: The Stlantic
art director: Jason Treat

On the difficulties in apprehending the pirates of the Somali coast.
For a section called "The Gallery", where The Atlantic asks artist to submit timely visual editorial comments.

Intimacy & Communication
posted by Julia Breckenreid
client: UCLA Magazine
art director: Janet Park

This job was a lot of fun, and Janet was great to work with... The article detailed tips from a couple of doctors at the Relationship Institute, targeting what causes intimate relationships to go stale over time and the best strategies to keep that from happening.

Stay in Touch
posted by Christoph Hitz
client: The Wall Street Journal
art director: Sue Foster

 Rent a Blackberry to stay in touch with clients while on vacationing in remote territory.

Men Landed On The Moon. What's Next?
posted by Michael Sloan
client: The New York Times Op-Ed Letters
art director: Leanne Shapton

The 40th anniversary of the first men on the moon has come and gone. In response to an editorial in the NY Times by Tom Wolfe the day before, several of the letters expressed a sense of "How can we top that?", and a feeling that history has become a burden to the space program. Here an astronaut shoulders this burden like Atlas.

Wisdom of the Founders
posted by James Steinberg
client: Common Ground Magazine
art director: Cori Canady

Common Ground is a magazine for community associations. For an article on how to handle disputes, they used quotes from the Founding Fathers to offer some practical guidance. This is one of six.

Cover for The Progressive
posted by Zina Saunders
client: The Progressive
art director: Nick Jehlen

Capitalism, Sarah Palin-Style

Here's the cover I did for the August issue of The Progressive, to illustrate an article by Naomi Klein, which contends that if the bailout works and the economy returns to the course it was on before the meltdown, it will be back to a world epitomized by Sarah Palin and her, "Drill, baby, drill", shop-till-you-drop-for-tomorrow-will-never-come outlook on the world.

your personal DNA
posted by John Hersey
client: Mother Jones
art director: Carolyn Peerot

an interesting article about the vaarious issues surrounding the ability of getting your very own personal DNA scan

Fat, Like Me
posted by J.D. King
client: Metro-Pulse
art director: Travis Gray

This was a cover for a weekly alternative paper, Metro-Pulse, in Knoxville, TN.


The topic was the problems of a morbidly obese woman.

Piety Street
posted by Mark Hess
client: Emarcy- John Scofield
art director: Mark Hess

Here's my friend, John Scofield's latest CD cover, Piety Street. Nick Suttle shot the religious candles and I then painted the boys in the band into the scenes and changed the names as well. John likes his flaming guitar heart, but when they printed 12" LP's for the Japanese market it was clear I had used one of his back up guitars and he's hoping his sponser, Ibanez, doesn't notice. So everyone keep it to themselves...

For adults only!
posted by Gerard DuBois
client: Les Allusifs Publisher
art director: Louis Gagnon and G. DuBois

 By now the forty images from my upcoming erotic book are at the printer somewhere in France.

The story «Minette» was a quiet successfull novel written by Vladan Matijevic, a Serbian writter.

The publisher of Les Allusifs and good friend of mine Brigitte Bouchard, proposed me to illustrate it.

It would have been difficult to say no to such a project, without restraint but to make it erotic somehow.

On top ihe art director, Louis Gagnon, also a friend, from the great Paprika  agency, designs the book. 

To make it short, it has been a true hell.

Here is a pick from the softest one.

Launch in october, in Paris, with later an exhibition at the Erotic Museum in Pigalle, Paris.

Wind Gods
posted by Randall Enos
client: Bicycling Magazine
art director: David Speranza

 A funny piece which related stories about various wind gods from different cultures like Aztec, American Indian, East Indian etc. and then applied the tales to humorous tips on bicycling.

I liked the project because it gave me a chance to go a little crazy with color and get in some of my beloved curlicues and decorative embellishments.

David was a pleasure to work with. it was my first for Bicycling.

Faster Internet
posted by Adam McCauley
client: PC World
art director: Beth Kamaroff

This is a recent fullpage illustration about how to make your PC work faster than ever while online.

pro-Israel lobby
posted by Yarek Waszul
client: Mother Jones
art director: Tim Luddy

 This is a full page image for a story about a rift in the pro-Israel lobby. 

Too Many Monkeys
posted by Mike Moran
client: Gamewright

 Too Many Monkeys card game for Gamewright. The story line of the game borrows from the classic story - one monkey is trying to sleep and his friends swing by for a party!


Winner of a Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award for 2009.



Viking (Golfer) Queen
posted by Yuko Shimizu
client: Golf Digest
art director: Ken DeLago, Marne Mayer

Fantasy art? Well, it looks like one, but look close, she has a driver in her hands. This is a portrait of a golfer Anna Nordqvist.
Golf Digest asked me to illustrate this Swedish sensation as a poweful Viking queen.  Their request was to come up with an image that may surprise the readers. Ken and Marne gave me a lot of freedom. I had so much fun. Thank you.

Credit Waterfall
posted by Peter + Maria Hoey
client: The American Prospect
art director: Mary Parsons

 Dragging the credit crisis back from the edge.

Pond Scam
posted by Gwenda Kaczor
client: Mother Jones
art director: Carolyn Perot

 For an article about the absurdity of algae/oil transformation.

The Gem Within Us
posted by Scott Bakal
client: Yoga Journal
art director: Charli Ornett

 Another great job from Yoga Journal!  The article is about 'dusting' off your inner gem to help you shine brightly in the world.  Thanks Charli!

National Geographic Book Series
posted by David Goldin
client: National Geographic
art director: Jim Hiscott

I'm in the middle of creating a book series for National Geographic. First two titles come out this Autumn. About to get started on two more editions.

Also getting ready for a Gallery show in Brooklyn in Oct., and juggling all my other projects. I'll try to keep you posted.

- David


Cover for New CD Release by KISS
posted by Michael Doret
client: Simstan Music, Ltd.
art director: Michael Doret

Coming up with a successor to the iconic Rock and Roll Over album cover I did many years ago was quite a challenge—and one which I never anticipated would actually happen. But I got the call, and did the art. Read about it on my BLOG.