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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #32
June 30, 2010
That shaking under your feet isn't an earth quake. It's the 32nd Illustration Roundup rumbling into town, folks! Let's ride!
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illustration thanks to Greg Newbold
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The Piven iPhone App: Faces iMake
posted by Hanoch Piven
client: Self published with iMagine Machine
art director: Eyal Dessau, Eitan Busheri

I am very excited to introduce Faces iMake, the iPhone App where you can make faces using everyday objects.

posted by Christopher Nielsen
client: Meanjin Quarterly
art director: Stuart Geddes

Cover for Meanjin Quarterly literary journal. The issue asked lots of questions about culture and how it's created.  I posed that the equation is as mysterious as the Indian Goddess Rhada.

When cows fly
posted by Everett Peck
client: Pamplin Grove
art director: Richard Salzman

Here you go, based on a true story:
Oct 5th 1910. A half ton heifer named Romeo becomes the first cow to pilot an airplane in England. The planes owner, Lord Charles Flatbottom of Cornwall had foolishly left the keys in the ignition whilst relieving himself in a pasture. 

Markets & Finance
posted by Greg Mably
client: Business Week
art director: Patricia Hwang

These were commissioned as a series of 6 icons. I remixed them into a single image.


Childhood Obesity
posted by Joyce Hesselberth
client: The New York Times
art director: Peter Morance

Here is  recent piece I illustrated for the New York Times, art-directed by Peter Morance. I worked with a lot of textures, and a hand-painted background. The story by Roni Caryn Rabin, discusses evidence that childhood obesity may start even earlier than we thought, and by the time that children are school age, damage is already done.

Small Apartment? Don't Be a Baby!
posted by Steven Salerno
client: The New York Times
art director: Carol Dietz

Steven Salerno began illustrating for The New York Times in 1980, with many drawings appearing on the Op Ed pages and Letters to the Editor pages during that decade. [see a previous blog post about the Jerelle Kraus (long time art director of the Op Ed page) book on the art of the Op Ed page]    In the 1990's Steven's illustrations appeared only sporadically in various sections at the NY Times... From about 2000 through 2007 his main newspaper client was The Wall Street Journal, as the regular illustrator for their Finicky Traveler column. 

This past Sunday his work returned to The New York TImes, with a large illustration appearing on the cover page of the Sunday Real Estate section for a feature article on the resurgence of 3+ bedroom apartments in the city. Steven was brought in to the assignment by Art Director Carol Dietz. (they had worked together in years past). Steven simply solved the concept by playing off of a line from the article: "a baby boom for large apartments" and depicted a blueprint of a large apartment floor plan imprinted on the side of a baby buggy... with the buoyant baby peering over the top, and small vignettes of children, parents and a nanny sprinkled along the bottom of the image. 

Since Steven's illustrations have appeared in the New York Times nearly every year for thirty years, he is happy with the thought that the run might now continue even longer!

The Innovation Economy
posted by Rob Dunlavey
client: The Boston Globe
art director: Greg Klee

This half-page illustration accompanied an article about how many businesses do better by copying innovators rather than trying to innovate themselves.

Location, Location, Location
posted by Michael Byers
client: Village Voice
art director: John Dixon

The Tribeca film festival is having a heck of a time trying to find an identity for itself. 

Alfaguara springtime Ad
posted by David Pintor
client: Alfaguara publisher
art director: David Pintor

Illustration for Alfaguara publisher advertising. New releases for springtime.

Earth Day ... 40 years later
posted by John Hersey
client: the Wall Street Journal
art director: Orlie Kraus

Lo those many years ago ... a day for the earth ... this article was written by James Ruckleshaus and includes his thoughts on the challenges of achieving our green goals

The Grand Canyon
posted by Peter + Maria Hoey
client: Sierra Magazine
art director: Jessica Meskus

 A guide map for the Grand Canyon region 

Le Cage Aux Folles
posted by David Cowles
client: The New Yorker
art director: Chris Curry

 Illustrated for the review of the new revival of "Le Cage Aux Folles" with Kelsey Grammer.

Boston Drivers
posted by Christoph Hitz
client: The Boston Globe
art director: Josue Evilla / Greg Klee

Noting makes my illustrator heart beat happier than a funny and insightful story like : "Let us Praise the Boston Driver" written by James Parker. The illustration was created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

NPR Wall Calendar
posted by Gwenda Kaczor
client: NPR
art director: Katie Burk

 I was asked to contribute to NPR's 2011 Wall Calendar - the only parameters were to illustrate my own personal relationship with public radio and to include their logo in some way.

Urban Garden Detroit
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: D Business Magazine
art director: Jessica Decker

A banner for a blurb about the new urban garden vision of Detroit.

Flipping burgers
posted by James O'Brien
client: University of Minnesota Alumni Association
art director: Barbara Koster

This appeared in the University of Minnesota Alumni Association's Minnesota Magazine for a short story about a fast food joint, the owner (Mr. Ted) and his life.

Cycle to School
posted by John S. Dykes
client: Bicycling
art director: David Speranza

For a story on a town that promoted cycling to school.

posted by Brandon Reese
client: The Okee Dokee Brothers
art director: Justin Lansing, Joe Mailander

Here's the cover for The Okee Dokee Brothers 2nd album I illustrated. The Okee Dokee Brothers are a Kindie (kid's indie music) band with bluegrass infusion. Good stuff, no matter what age.

The Anthropology and Environment of Madagascar
posted by Michael Sloan
client: Barnard College Alumni Magazine
art director: Anna Simutis

This illustration accompanied an article about an undergraduate course offering at Barnard College. It was Anna's great suggestion to illustrate both the environment and society of Madagascar in one image. I'm also happy that Anna requested my blue style for final art.

A Misguided Defense
posted by James Steinberg
client: Corporate Councel
art director: Morris Stubbs

In a case brought against Novartis for discrimination against women, a federal district court jury returned with stunning award of 25 million in punitive damages. During the trial, the lawyers for Novartis behaved in such a blatently sexist way that they stupidly added weight to the plaintiffs' charges of sexism.

Acoustic Sunshine
posted by Eleftheria Alexandri
client: KPM Music House
art director: Heather Willensky

 c.d cover artwork

posted by Yuko Shimizu
client: Point Five Design, Listen Mgazine
art director: Alissa Levin, Nathan Eames

This was a collaboration project with Point Five Design, a fantastic design studio located here in New York City.
is a relatively new magazine for classical music fans, in fact, this is the first issue that is sold through Barnes & Noble on top of their direct distribion to subscribers.
The issue features 15 most inspiring classical musicians, with young genius Gustao Dudamel on the cover.

Red Robot
posted by Carl Wiens
client: Square2 Magazine
art director: Rene Dick

Collage and screenprint, published in an article reviewing recent gallery work.

School of the Arts Poster
posted by Kyle T. Webster
client: UNC School of the Arts
art director: David Shapiro

This illustration was used as a poster and in a direct mail piece for the UNC School of the Arts' summer program. It was fun to tie all of the disciplines together with the line work and keep the image loose and full of energy.  

Maternity Leave in the US isn't Enough
posted by Kim Rosen
client: The Washington Post
art director: Kristin Lenz

It's amazing to me that countries such as Afghanistan, Djibouti and Haiti have better laws and job-protection for women after they give birth than we do here in the United States. In fact, 177 nations have better maternity leave laws in place that require all women and in some cases men, to receive income and job-protection after the birth of a child. Whereas here in the US, the Family and Medical Leave Act provides only unpaid leave which most mother's can't afford the time off and are forced to go back to work just a few days after giving birth.

Money Saving Advice from AARP
posted by Chris Lyons
client: AARP Magazine
art director: Joanna Foucheux

 Sometimes it's fun to just draw the crap out of something. Metal, glass, light, shadow - this was a fun challenge. Love working with these guys.

Cover for the Utne Reader
posted by Zina Saunders
client: The Utne Reader
art director: Stephanie Glaros

Palin’s gleaming eyes of Crazy blasting out of the cover of the current issue of the Utne Reader

Happy! Winning Streak!
posted by Scott Bakal
client: PlanSponsor
art director: SooJin Buzelli

 Always a pleasure to work with SooJin.

Read about this job here:  Winning Streak!

MCM 100
posted by Daniel Pelavin
client: Multi-Channel Merchant
art director: Kate DiMarco

Cover for an issue about the hundred top catalogs in annual sales. I am so glad that people like to keep track of numbers!

Girl's Day
posted by Tom White
client: National Engineer's Week Foundation
art director: Hugh Moore, Hugh Moore & Associates

A poster image for National Engineers Week Foundation Girl's Day. The event's purpose is to attract high school girls to consider a career in one of many engineering fields. The poster shows the world of engineering of everyday things found in a girl's purse.

Women's Wellness
posted by heidi younger
client: Brookhaven Township Woman's Services
art director: Theresa Leuffen

 To be used on a brochure for a Conference about Women's Wellness, October 2010.

The Workplace
posted by J.D. King
client: American Lawyer
art director: Joan Ferrell

This is one of eight spots for American Lawyer.

The Future of Public Education
posted by Michael Glenwood
client: National Education Association
art director: Jay Groff

For an article about the "impending demolition of American public education" that could come about as a result of No Child Left Behind, if changes are not made. 

LA Times Home section cover
posted by Ellen Weinstein
client: LA Times
art director: Reuben Munoz

Honda's vision of the future, a gas station at home

Upscale Resale
posted by Jean Tuttle
client: The Hartford Courant
art director: Chris Moore

For a report on how thrift stores increasingly attract the fashion-conscious, not just the budget-conscious.

Eugene Burdick
posted by Johanna Goodman
client: California Magazine
art director: Michiko Toki

 Portrait of  Eugene Burdick, author of "The Ugly American" 

Summertime 1980
posted by Mick Wiggins
client: Arkansas Life Magazine
art director: Paula Guajardo

Cover illustration for Arkansas Life Magazine.

The image is for an inside remembrance the author's adolescent experience of a summer 30 years ago in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Book: McKinsey on Finance
posted by Celia Johnson
client: The McKinsey Quarterly
art director: Veronica Belsuzarri, Senior Designer

For a favorite client: a book cover and 5 article openers for McKinsey.

Cover:  Why Value Value?


Taking the Long Term View

Bringing Business Expertise

Carbon Offsets

Financial Forecasting

Identifying Risk 


How to Be Luckier
posted by Lou Brooks
client: Esquire
art director: Stravinski Pierre

One of a series of "Impossible Self-Improvements" for the new issue of Esquire Magazine.

Frankie and Frosty: A tribute to the Twin Castle Express
posted by Michael Slack
client: Self Promotion

A new promo and tribute to the now defunct, Twin Castle Express.

100 Years of Scouting Cover
posted by Greg Newbold
client: Boy's Life Magazine
art director: Scott Feaster

I've worked with Scott at Boy's Life for several years now. Funny thing about our dealings is that I always seem to get the historical fiction pieces even though they are one of the only clients I ever do historical work for. Fun subject though, a fictionalized account of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner with a young apprentice to Fracis Scott Key as the protagonist.. This one is on the July cover of Boy's Life.

Art for shopper bag
posted by Edel Rodriguez
client: Blue Q
art director: Mitch Nash

This is a bag I illustrated for Blue Q, more images and information on purchasing here.

Corporate Manipulations
posted by David Gothard
client: Utne Reader
art director: Stephanie Glaros

This image was created for an article on how the agendas of leading environmental organizations have been compromised by accepting corporate money.

Satan, from Paradise Lost
posted by Michael Cho
client: Maisonneuve Magazine
art director: Anna Minzhulina

I painted this for an article in Maissonneuve about interesting literary villains.  It was fun to paint an image of the one I considered to be the most interesting villain in literature, Satan from Milton's Paradise Lost.


Arms control
posted by Emiliano Ponzi
client: Middlebury magazine
art director: Pamela Fogg

 Privatization of American security. The role of contractors in federal government.Does the increasing privatization of American power imperil national security?

learning languages
posted by Marco Marella
client: hour detroit magazine
art director: jessica decker

this was the brief jessica sent me for this assignment:

"Marco, I just received all the paperwork for the illustration you will be doing for the foreign language story in Hour Detroit Magazine. I have attached the story for you to read, as well as some examples of your work that I really like the style of. Basically, I'm just looking for an illustration that shows that it's much easier for a younger child to learn a foreign language, than it would be for an adult or high schooler to learn. Otherwise, I am open to any ideas that you may have. I really like the idea of using the lined paper in the illustration since the story is dealing with children's education. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!! Thanks!"


posted by A.Richard Allen
art director: SooJin Buzelli

Another pretty open brief from SJ at PLANSPONSOR. I had other more conceptual solutions on the theme of 'denial' and 'causing problems for oneself' (three wise monkeys, anyone?). But the lunk up a tree seemed the most direct. A very enjoyable assignment all told!

George Best
posted by Andy Ward
client: Herzglut
art director: Jerzovskaja

Northern Ireland's George Best for the book 'Football Heroes Gold'

Boldness in Business
posted by Jean-manuel Duvivier
client: Financial Times
art director: Robert Orr

Cover and 15 illustrations ( 7 double spread) for Arcelor Mittal's special Award edition of the Financial Times.

China Goes Shopping
posted by Christopher Serra
client: Wall Street Journal International
art director: Richard Remington

 China is really bailing us all out of this recession by buying everything in sight, all over the world.

I discovered that I love to draw shipping containers and have decided to use them more in my work, no matter what the story is about.






Black and Blue
posted by Richard A Goldberg (rag)

Oil oil everywhere. Its gonna get global. And when it hits the polar regions....ooof.

another bad night for no good reason
posted by John H Howard
client: sueanne shirzay gallery
art director: me

Gallery promo card

Going For the Cup!
posted by Rick Sealock
client: Rick Sealock

When in Rome... Just a Bat-shat Crazy Mad Fan of the Beautiful Game!

"Nature's Calling 1"
posted by Cathie Bleck
client: Jen Vaughn
art director: Cathie Bleck

Part of a series of works on Egyptian papyrus. 

posted by Bob Daly
client: Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine
art director: David Syrek

One of eight spots for a summer activities feature.