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Illustration Roundup!
illustration Roundup #34
February 23, 2011
What's that rumble below your boots? It's the 34th illustration roundup, partner! Yee Haw!

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posted by Christopher Nielsen
client: Good Weekend
art director: Tara Axford

'Bundy' the bear for an article on Bundaberg Rum and it's effects on Australian drinking culture. The other character is the 'Chesty Bond' man, famous for his Aussie shirts. They make a nice couple don't you think?

Teacher Performance in LA
posted by Peter + Maria Hoey
client: Los Angeles Times
art director: Wesley Bausmith

Student test results being used to track teacher performance.
A report by the Los Angeles Times. 

Book Review Cover
posted by Joe Ciardiello
client: The New York Times
art director: Nicholas Blechman

Here's a recent cover I did for a review of Jonathan Franzen's new novel, "Freedom".

posted by David Pintor
client: Leer magazine

Caricature of Ortega y Gasset.

posted by Harry Campbell
client: Myself
art director: Myself

I could post one of many current assignments but thought this hairball would be more interesting. Combining hand inked line and vector.


Annual Bird Census
posted by Michael Sloan
client: OnEarth
art director: Gail Ghezzi

This terrific assignment required some research to get the bird's plumage looking just right. I'm adding birds to my list of most difficult things to draw along with camoflage, fire, forks and spoons. I like how the bright colors contrast with the blue winter landscape. Thanks, Gail!

Money & Well Being
posted by Jean Tuttle
client: The Washington Post
art director: Allison Ghaman

Studies have found that over a certain income level ($75K), variations in wealth don't substantially affect happiness.

Detroit Foundations Report
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: D-Business Magazine
art director: Jessica Decker

Feature about how local Foundations are changing what and who they support.

Advice Column: Husband With Drinking Problem
posted by Julia Breckenreid
client: Washington Post, Local Living Section
art director: Tippi Thole

This was a rush job and fun to do - thanks Tippi!

Boston Globe Book Review
posted by David Flaherty
client: Boston Globe
art director: Jane Martin

Illustration for the review of the book "Fame".  

life is change
posted by Alberto Vazquez
client: El Pais
art director: myself

Illustration for a psychology section. Watercolour

John Stamos Survival Guide to Hollywood
posted by John Ueland
client: Entertainment Weekly
art director: Evan Campisi

Illustration for article on how John Stamos has managed to nurture a long career in Hollywood.

posted by Carl Wiens
client: UpHere magazine
art director: Michael Ericsson

A satirical look at finding new energy sources. This is a feature page from a business magazine located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. I enjoyed playing up industrial imagery and retro equipment. The dogs were fun too.

posted by Jonathan Bartlett
client: NY Times Book Review
art director: Nicholas Blechman

 This illustration appeared along with a review of the book 'Leaving Rock Harbor'.  A coming of age story about a young woman growing up in a cotton mill town during the industrial revolution. Faced with difficult choices regarding love, loyalty, and family, I wanted the image to hit home the inner struggle of the main character, all of which, in one way or another, is linked back to the cotton mill.

Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Edition 13
posted by Laura Smith
client: The Graphic Artists Guild
art director: Simms Taback / Sara Love

Front cover, back cover and spine for the 13th edition of the Graphic Artists Guild's signature publication. For this edition I wanted to emphasize how as artists we are either juggling or going through hoops, and are sometimes having to put our heads into the proverbial lion's mouth. I really loved doing this job. It was great fun! Simms and Sara helped to bring out the best in this project.

Monkey Truck
posted by Michael Slack
client: Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
art director: Christy Ottaviano

After great reviews by Boing, Kirkus Reiews, and School Library Journal, my new picture book "Monkey Truck" is now in it's second printing.


New Year's Eve FAQ
posted by J.D. King
client: The Washington Post
art director: Lisa Schreiber

The cover for the Weekend section for New Year's Eve.

Cloud Computing
posted by Bob Daly
client: Hanley Wood
art director: Scott Crawford

An article about uploading your data clouds

The Brain Behind LinkedIn
posted by John Hersey
client: Insight Design
art director: Joannah Ralston

An article about Reid Hoffman and his rather circuitous route to creating LinkedIn

Honua Honey
posted by Gwenda Kaczor
client: Big Island Bees
art director: Deborah Brown / View Design Company

Illustration for the label of the Honua Honey jar, created and sold locally in Hawaii by  Big Island Bees.

Domestic Violence
posted by Katherine Streeter
client: The Hartford Courant
art director: Jan Diehm

 This piece ran to accompany a few articles in a special section about domestic violence and the attitudes around it.

Extra Cautious
posted by Greg Mably
client: Plan Sponsor Europe
art director: SooJin Buzelli

Story: UK DB Sponsors Focused on Risk as 2011 Dawns

Image: Being very cautious. Staying clear of danger. 

posted by heidi younger
client: Inside Counsel Magazine
art director: Liz Novak

 US finding business opportunities in Brazil. October 2010

Spetses Island, GR
posted by Eleftheria Alexandri
art director: myself

 my beloved home..

Leave the Kids the House without the Hefty Tax Bill
posted by Ellen Weinstein
client: The New York Times
art director: Bernadette Dashiell

Wealth Section.

Recipes: Beyond the Words
posted by Marco Marella
client: gastronomica magazine
art director: frances baca

....Please see the attached design brief for more information on what I am envisioning. I also attach a copy of the article. It is a bit dense, since it deals with language and perception, but it's very interesting and well-written....

Financial Reform
posted by James Steinberg
client: Warkulwiz Design
art director: Jill Iacovelli

Cornell University professors weigh in on whether the Dodd-Frank (financial reform) bill will help prevent the next crisis.

Cold-Weather Workouts
posted by Brandon Reese
client: Westchester Magazine
art director: Aiko Masazumi

This was for the cover of Westchester Magazine's 914 section. The article suggested curling, platform tennis, and skating... I went with skating but with a nod to the recent airport delays and cancellations due to weather.

NY subway poster project
posted by Yuko Shimizu
client: MTA New York City Public Transit
art director: Amy Hausmann, Lydia Bradshaw

Hot off the press is a poster I just finished for MTA.  You may start seeing this at subway stations near you later this year.  
It was really easy to work with MTA who gave me a lot of freedom. The only challenge was that the audience is 'everyone who uses public transit in New York area'.
The image I ended up coming up with is based on my childhood memory of taking Metro North down from Westchester Country and being awed by the massive and gorgeous Grand Central Station. 

Actress Valerie Cruz
posted by Zach Trenholm
client: Village Voice 2/16/11
art director: Jesus Diaz

 Although I've done stuff for the Voice over the years, this is my first time with Jesus and he actually found me here (Just re-read that. Note to self; always remember to pronounce as 'Hay-sus'...).

 Great guy, joy to work with....
Anyhow, Valerie plays a South American doc on a new TV show called 'Off The Map' (think a hotter, more humid 'Grey's Anatomy' & all the grab-ass that encumbers & you've got it...).  
Not terribly well-known (yet), she gets spotlight interviewed by Michael Musto towards the end of his column.

Not Bigger, just better
posted by mckibillo
client: Architect Magazine
art director: Marcy Ryan

  Commission done recently for Architect magazine on how to maximize the efficiency of your existing workplace. Not bigger or smaller, just better.

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
posted by Michael Byers
client: Honolulu Magazine
art director: Cody Kawamoto

Image done for Honolulu Magazine about the bed bug problem Hawaii has been having in Hotels and other tourist areas. 

Eating Bugs
posted by John S. Dykes
client: The Wall Street Journal
art director: Christine Drury

Bon appetit!

"A Strong Bond"
posted by Jon Krause
client: The Atlantic
art director: Jason Treat

A painting for the current issue's Gallery section, "A Strong Bond."

It's Fashion Week!
posted by Johanna Goodman

 Anxious for Spring to come...

Law Apprentices
posted by Chris Lyons
client: Lawyer Magazine (UK)

 Trainee Lawyers make the most of the seat rotation
system in their jobs 

posted by James O'Brien
client: Washingonian Magazine
art director: Mike Leister

This was part of a series for an article about working with home contractors, messy work and other troubles.

Arizona Shootings
posted by Kyle T. Webster
client: New Times
art director: Peter Storch

A chance to try something new and different, thanks to an interesting idea from art director, Peter Storch. I'm proud to say that this image was selected as the cover of the day by Robert Newman at Newmanology. 

Rejected cover submission
posted by Daniel Hertzberg
client: The New Yorker
art director: Francoise Mouly

 Rejected cover submission and animation based on the snowpocalypse. 

Charles Lloyd
posted by Jonathan Twingley
client: JAZZIZ
art director: Michael Fagien

 A portrait of the great tenor saxophonist Charles Lloyd for the winter issue of JAZZIZ magazine.

Drivin' n Cryin'
posted by Jody Hewgill
client: La Luz de Jesus Gallery
art director: Jody Hewgill

 A visual commentary on the bp gulf disaster and our insatiable dependency on petrol.
acrylic, graphite on birch panel. Created for the Kaboom show at La Luz de Jesus.

posted by Andy Ward
client: School Libray Journal
art director: Mark Tuchman

This was a fun cover for SLJ about sourcing the right litereary apps for kids. We boarded the good ship ipad and sailed into the wide blue yonder.

Dear Jerry
posted by Rick Sealock
client: Sacramento News & Review
art director: David Jayne

A portrait of newly governor-elect Jerry Brown for an advice-like article titled "Dear Jerry".