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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
Illustration Roundup #3
March 17, 2007
The most latest and most greatest in recent illustration work from the highly trained professionals of the illoz community.

The next issue of illustration roundup will mosey in on or around April 1st.

illustration by Owen Smith


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Ad for
posted by Miguel Gallardo
client: Cinemas Renoir
art director: Miguel Gallardo

poster for the anniversary of the Renoir cinemas in V.O.

Jpeople Magazine
posted by Alexander Blue
client: Jpeople Magazine
art director: Martin E. Groeger

New Cover, Spine and Back for German Magazine Jpeople

A far country
posted by James O'Brien
client: San Francisco Chronicle
art director: Rico Mendez

This image ran in the March 4 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle. It was for a review of Daniel Mason's "A Far Country," about a girl searching for her lost brother.

Coffee Powered!
posted by J.D. King
client: Bicycling Magazine
art director: Susanne Bamberger

Modern, Retro, Bicycle, Coffee

virtually killed
posted by John Hersey
client: a large men's magazine
art director: a real nice guy

This was a 2 part illo for a virtual community that started as a kind of utopian community with nice 3d avatars and quickly devolved into sex and drugs. I registered right away. They went with a photo (of what?)

Welcome to Cairo
posted by A.Richard Allen
client: Utne Reader
art director: Stephanie Glaros

For an article about a gay traveler (Canadian writer RM Vaughan) observing heterosexual men on a trip to Cairo and finding himself bemused by their unusually demonstrative behavior. V straightforward job, smoothly directed!

Revenge of the Birdlady
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Arizona Highways Magazine
art director: Barbara Denney

I've been doing a small picture for the AZH column Along the Way for awhile. I almost always end up with a keeper. For me, it's a special treat working for AZH because I love the whole idea of the Great American Desert.  Somehow I feel as though, through my small effort,  I'm helping to make people aware of it's awesome splendor.This was for a piece called Revenge of the Birdlady and was about an overzealous birdfeeder who, much to the chagrin of the neighbors, captured the market in the author's neighborhood in the desert.

Less is More
posted by Chris Pyle
client: The Wall Street Journal
art director: Dan Clark

Dan Clark was kind enough to ask me for another spot last week. I can usually nail these down in a sketch or two even with the tight turnaround but this one was a bit touchy. The story was about people who work really hard on their investing and tend to fail while people who don't seem to care about it and are lazy seem to prosper. I kept showing a split screen type of thing showing one way versus the other with each sketch getting worse and worse. Dan came to the rescue and it was decided that just showing the relaxed character got the point across in the most direct and entertaining manner. Thanks Dan, why didn't I think of that?

"Financial Globalization"
posted by Richard Downs
client: International Monetary Fund
art director: Lai Oy Louie

I created this piece for the IMF.The art director wanted to portray the idea that "money makes the world go around" and flows from one country to another.The magazine will be printed in 4 languages and focuses primarily on Africa,China,India and Latin America.I also illustrated the cover, it was a fun job.