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illustration roundup #37
The roundup is back by popular demand! . . ....
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Illustration Roundup!
illustration roundup #37
January 9, 2013
The roundup is back by popular demand!

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illustration thanks to Marc Burckhardt!
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posted by Harry Campbell
client: Plansponsor
art director: Soojin Buzelli!!

 This was done as a full page illustration for the wonderful to work for

Soojin Buzelli at Plan Sponsor.

A divorce made in heaven
posted by Eleftheria Alexandri
client: Stella - Sunday Telegraph supplement
art director: Jason Morris

An article about divorce: Is a civilised divorce ever possible? Who gets to keep what??

posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Common Ground
art director: Cori Canaday

Feature for CG involving murder and violent crime found in average neighborhoods.

Lego goes Gurlie
posted by Robert Neubecker
client: Wall Street Journal
art director: Joel Cadman

Pink Princess? Really?

Hugh Hefner
posted by Dale Stephanos
client: UTNE Reader
art director: Stephanie Glaros

Cover of the UTNE Reader

A Beautiful Journey
posted by Christopher Nielsen
client: Maine Recycled Paper
art director: Craig Johns

Campaign for a new paper range.

The Big Squeeze
posted by Michael Byers
client: Honolulu Magazine
art director: Cody Kawamoto

This was for a piece about the squeeze on restaurant budgets with regards to buying food for their business. Costs are rising for fish and beef etc. in Hawai'i. 

Superbrothers: Information Superhighwave
posted by Superbrothers Inc.
client: Seed Magazine
art director: Tyler Lang

After a lengthy hiatus coincident with the creation of the critically acclaimed art + music + videogame project Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for iPad & iPhone (a collaboration with noted composer Jim Guthrie), Superbrothers Inc is now actively seeking interesting editorial & advertising illustration gigs.

To mark this moment we have dug up 'Information Superhighwave', an illustration for an article about a bottleneck that had been forming as the world's oceanographers struggled to convert the world's collected oceanographic data into Google Earth's format to allow at-home geotourists & would-be seafarers the ability to virtually explore the deep blue sea.

Superbrothers Inc was founded in 2003, over the years our original brand of remarkable pixel artwork has appeared in the pages of Wired, The New York Times, The Walrus and elsewhere. | the kingdom of the cloud

Interior womens retail store 13 foot "Cheetah Girl"
posted by Mary Lynn Blasutta
client: Maurices
art director: Brad Hartmann

This was used as a large 13 foot interior store visual to highlight the "Accessory Cheetah Print Department"

I also created a cheetah print to use on packaging and interior graphics.


posted by Carl Wiens
client: Oeno Gallery

One from a series of mechanical curiosities. I wanted to explore the possibilities of screenprinting and collage and set out to combine and recombine a series of heads, bodies and backgrounds.

T-Shirt Design
posted by Brandon Reese
client: The Okee Dokee Brothers
art director: Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander

 Here's a 3-color t-shirt design to accompany The Okee Dokee Brothers upcoming concept album. The Okee Dokee Brothers took a 30-day canoe trip down the Mississippi while writing and composing the new album. Pretty neat!


Entre Enemigos for Random House
posted by Jorge Mascarenhas
client: Random House Mondadori
art director: Nuria Zaragoza

Book cover for the novel "Entre Enemigos (In Between Enemies)," a novel that takes place in Italy during World War I. The novel was written by Andrea Molesini. The book is only available in Spain, both in paperback and hardcover.

When to refinance your mortgage?
posted by Michael Sloan
client: John Kehe
art director: The Christian Science Monitor

Now seems to be a great time to refinance your mortgage - unless already low interest rates drop even further. A Shoot-the-moon game seemed to be the best symbol for guessing when rates will be at their lowest.

posted by Miguel Gallardo
client: The Public
art director: Fernando Rapallo

A text about the problems of the Eurozone

Step Right Up! Have a Throw! This Country is Yours if You've Got the Dough!
posted by James Steinberg
client: Myself
art director: Myself

One of a series of Public Service Announcements.

Johnny Depp
posted by David Cowles
client: Reader's Digest
art director: Marti Golon

 A spot I did for Reader's Digest, for Marti Golon and Bob Newman.

The Golden Globes and TV
posted by Johanna Goodman
client: The Los Angeles Times
art director: Wesley Bausmith

For a story about The Golden Globes and how judges from Europe have differing tastes than American judges when it comes to TV shows.

Amy Winehouse
posted by Mark Bender
client: self promotion

Self promotional editorial portrait of Amy Winehouse.

Jeff Mangum
posted by Kyle T. Webster
client: The New Yorker
art director: Awan

Portrait of Jeff Mangum for the Goings On About Town section. 

Trumpet Player
posted by Mug Studio
client: Francisco Mantecon poster competition 2011
art director: Mug Studio

Bodegas Terras Gauda is a winery in northern Spain that every year holds a poster competition in honor of the late founder and of his passion for art and design.

We wanted an image that could be conceptual and poetic at the same time.

Mug Studio's poster was selected as a finalist among more than 2100 entries coming from 54 countries.

killed job of the year.
posted by Yuko Shimizu
client: TIME Magazine
art director: Emily Crawford, Andree Kahlmorgan

unpublished cover illustration created for TIME Magazine. It was for a feature about Asian tiger mothers. Unpublished, but still one of my favorites from 2011. You can read more about it on my blog.

Climb higher for better travel deals
posted by heidi younger
client: NY Times
art director: Veronica Ferre

 Traveling in 2012 and looking for travel deals, you will have to dig a bit more, or climb a bit higher to find the better deal.

Hans My Hedgehog is out!!
posted by John Nickle
client: Atheneum/Simon and Schuster
art director: Debra Sfetsios

Hans My Hedgehog, a retelling of the Grimm Brother's tale is my 6th picture book. It is now in bookstores and available online at Amazon.


The Green Issue, 2012
posted by J.D. King
client: LEO Weekly, Louisville, KY
art director: Sheri Squires

This is the cover for annual Green Issue of LEO Weekly, an alternative paper in Loiseville, KY.

Hotels, Hospitals and Jails, NY Times Book Review
posted by Jacob Thomas
client: NY Times
art director: Nicholas Blechman

Review of the book Hotels, Hospitals and Jails a Memoir by Anthony Swofford.  Filled with drugs, booze, fast cars and fast women Swofford writes about dealing with the huge success of his book Jar Head.

Data Wrangling
posted by Adam McCauley
client: Kaiser Permanante
art director: Tia Stoller

Cover for a magazine for a feature about making sense of insurance data.

Forty-five Hours in Hell: What campaign ads did to one manís mind
posted by Colin Johnson
client: The New Republic
art director: Joe Heroun

Here's a new illustration that I created for the September issue of The New Republic about a guy who locked himself in a hotel room and watched 45 hours worth of political campaign ads.  Why anyone would wish to do so is beyond me but I was happy to illustrate the piece.  Red & blue roots in the piece are representative of Republicans and Democrats.  Thanks for taking a look!

Social Media for Contractors
posted by Daniel Hertzberg
client: Remodeling Magazine
art director: Pete Morelewicz

Full-page illustration for article on the new tools of the trade. An introduction to social media for contractors.

posted by Marco Marella
client: gioia magazine, italy
art director: ovidio sutti

i made this one for a magazine piece about...sneezing: one of the weirdiest topics i've ever been assigned so far

Bacteria vs. Antibiotics
posted by Joyce Hesselberth
client: The New York Times
art director: Peter Morance

 This piece was for a story by Dr. Perri Klass about antibiotics, the good and the bad.