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Illustration Roundup!
Illustration Roundup #4
April 1, 2007
Fresh illustrations, picked straight from the vine and delivered bi-weekly by the trustworthy professionals of illoz.

Illustration thanks to Chris Pyle

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posted by David Cowles
client: NAACP Image Awards

This was a commisioned portrait that they gave Bono at this years NAACP Image Awards (I also did Bill Cosby and Solidad O'Brien)


John Malkovich Portrait for Wall Street Journal
posted by Zina Saunders
client: Wall Street Journal
art director: Dave Bamundo

Here's a portrait of John Malkovich I did for the The Wall Street Journal. It ran as a color spot on the front page in addition to the large black and white version inside.

The slinky, slouchy stance I put him in was a result of me Being John Malkovich in my full length mirror.

Art director Dave Bamundo's unerring eye and a fascinating subject made this a particularly fun gig.

the 10-eyes japanese ogi
posted by John Hersey
client: g8/creation gallery
art director: osekosan

The  G8 Creation gallery invited me to design a traditional fan. It was exhibited along with 300 other fans designed by 300 other artists. They sent me 6 samples last week.

Pedaling My Way Back Home
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
art director: Dorothy Yule

I did this job for the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine recently.  It was about a woman who, although from the Bay Area, suffered severe burns in an unexplained accidental explosion in Boston.  Her long recovery was sustained by her dream of once again riding her bicycle in Golden Gate Park. That goal was realized. The story ran Sunday, February 11. I got this email later that day:

“Just wanted to thank you for the illustration you did to accompany my  essay, "Pedaling My Way Back Home," in today's Chronicle Magazine. I  appreciated the sensitivity with which you depicted my experience. I also felt very touched looking at your preliminary sketches in your  sketchbook [on my website ].  I felt fascinated looking at them, since you were able  to portray my experience in a way that really spoke to me.”

It’s not the usual case.  Often we work away and never hear from writers involved in projects.  Or, if we do hear anything, it’s most likely an art director telling us how the editor doesn’t understand our ideas.  It’s heartening for me to know that I was connected in such a way as to ACTUALLY approximate the authentic expression of an idea.

Graphic Journalism
posted by Yvetta Fedorova
client: Internazional Magazine
art director: Giovanni De Mauro

Graphic journalism is a new direction for me and I am very excited. This strip is about me taking my daugher to the class at The Metropolitan Museum of Art every Tuesday. It is about the routine of raising a child and the little secrets and pleasures you share with them along the way. I am working on new ideas for graphic strips. My new subjects include enrolling you child into school in New York City, going behind the sceens of a fasion show and a gourmet journey to Tuscany. I hope that art directors who will see this piece will be able to commision me to do more work like this.

Animal spots...
posted by Greg Mably
client: Audubon
art director: Kevin Fisher

A series of spots covering quirky animal/nature news & info.... Clockwise from top left: a) Under UV light, sections of the male and female jumping spiders’ glow which in turn triggers their mating dance. No light, no mating dance. b) The Asian palm civet (cat-like animal from Indonesia) eat coffee cherries and excrete the beans, which are collected and sold as a specialty blend. Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee at $600 per pound. c) The American Beautyberry plant, a shrub native to much of the southeastern United States. Tests show that Callicarpenal, one of the isolated compounds, is just as effective against mosquitoes and blacklegged ticks as DEET. d) A newly discovered species of neotropical catfish found in the Pure River in Colombia. It’s differentiated specifically by the dark tailfin spot reminiscent of the famous Bat Signal, hence the fish's name: Otocinclus batmani.

Six Points of Retirement
posted by J.D. King
client: The Wall Street Journal
art director: Dan Clark

What to do with those retirement funds?!

Doggies in Divorce Wars
posted by Katherine Streeter
client: Bark Magazine
art director: Cameron Woo

The job was fun, even though the subject was a bit sad. More of my illustrations ran through the story, which ultimately was about how to try to keep your dog happy during the stressful events of divorce.

Invasion of the Restaurant Chains
posted by James Steinberg
client: Indianapolis Monthly
art director: Margo Wininger

Indianapolis is being inundated by large chain restaurants lately. They have more than their share. This article was an acknowledgement and explanation of this trend in the midwest. It ended with a plea to support Indy's Mom and Pop restaurants. I had to find a way to not show a bunch of signs with logos on them. This seemed to work.

Great Design In Two Colors
posted by Michael Sloan
client: Education Next
art director: Bruce Sanders

Bruce Sanders, the design director at Education Next, did such a great job with this spread that I have to show the entire layout to give it the credit it deserves. The magazine prints in two colors; I think this actually enhances my art and the look of the spread. I love the way the text relates to the curve of the globe. Nice working with you, Bruce!

posted by Joshua Gorchov
client: Fast Company
art director: Henry Yung

This was for a story about the emergence of niche online communities.