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illustration roundup #37
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Illustration Roundup!
Illustration Roundup #5
April 16, 2007
Illustration works rustled up from the past two weeks by the quick-draw professionals of illoz.


illustration thanks to Joe Ciardiello

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Asian quiz
posted by A.Richard Allen
client: American Way
art director: JR Arebalo Jr

A busy assignment- shoehorning in lots of detail from a quiz testing readers knowledge of Asian geography and culture. Directed with minimum fuss.

Is Ted Haggard Really Born Again?
posted by Roberto Parada
client: Details Magazine
art director: Rockwell Harwood

This image accompanied and article in Details Magazine which explored Ted Haggard's recent claims that his stint in rehab had cured him of his homosexual desires. 

Invitation to Annual Benefit Celebration
posted by Michael Sloan
client: New York City Outward Bound
art director: Paola Vita

I've been creating the art for NYC Outward Bound's annual benefit invitations for nine years. It's a great organization. Working on these invitations is always a high point of each year, something I look forward to. The hand-lettering, somewhat of a tradition, is always challenging and fun.

Prince Portrait in Wall St Journal
posted by Zina Saunders
client: Wall Street Journal
art director: Kris Areche

Another portrait for The Wall Street Journal, this time of Citigroup CEO, Charles Prince.

Working with Art Director Kris Areche was fun and easy, and doing the portrait gave me an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong ambition: to paint a CEO clutching an oversized pair of scissors.

editorial illustration
posted by Rob Dunlavey
client: PlanSponsor Magazine
art director: SooJin Buzelli

This 1/2 page illustration was for a humorous article about an investment counselor deciding to take the stairs rather than ride in the elevator with a client who hadn't yet heard that his investments had tanked the night before in a temporary market downturn.

This art director places a high value on assignments and illustrators having fun. Which I did!

The Dog's a Dead Duck! And Shoo Fly!
posted by Joseph Fiedler
client: Arizona Highways Magazine
art director: Barbara Denney

Here are two little jobs that just ran in the same issue. As previously stated, I've been doing a small picture [4x4”] for the essay column Along the Way since last year. This first one is about a dog that terrorizes a duck that has made a landing pad out of the swimming pool. The second is for the “Off Ramp” section and is about a Tucson restaurant from long ago called The Shoo Fly that featured “human fly swatters” to help keep the pesky bugs at bay.

posted by John Hersey
client: New York Times
art director: Kelly Doe

the science of SEX ... yeah baby

The Premiere Finale
posted by Joshua Gorchov
client: Premiere Magazine
art director: Rob Hewitt

Premiere is one of my favorite magazines and also one of my favorite clients. Sadly, the April edition will be the last edition of the magazine. Premiere was a showcase for the best in illustration and Dirk Barnett's design has been recognized with several SPD medals. This is the last installment in my series of illustrations for Premiere's monthly movie review column. More details can be found here: