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Hal Mayforth's Portfolios
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Intelligent humorous illustration from even the most vexing of manuscripts.
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Here is a portfolio of illos combining loose line art with computer added color, for a newer, hepper, style. The humor sensibilities remain the same.
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Portraiture with loose ink line and computer color and textures
Another Look
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Lately I've been called on to do illos based on my fine art watercolors. So I've tried to meld my love of vintage cartoons with a loose watercolor approach. Great for abstract concepts.
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A portfolio of personal paintings done in acrylic on wood panel. Alot of these paintings are and many more are available as prints at:www.humorousprints.com
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Sketchbooks have been a part of my lifestyle for several decades. I have done enough of them to fill the trunk of an American-made luxury automobile and am workin on filling a small U-Haul. Here is a selection.
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Here's a selection of personal watercolors.
Journalism / Narratives
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Here's a gallery of journalistic pieces and narratives. Sometimes I'm asked to go into the field and report on an event or occasion. Other times, to distill a complex narrative into a humorous and entertaining piece. Usually these assignments require working closely with editors and A.D.'s. Either way, I'm there with bells on.
Color Cartoons
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Here is a selection of color cartoons, that started out as rough sketchbook ideas, and were redrawn for use in my yearly calendar.
Promotional Postcards
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I've always had a lot of fun with promotional postcards, either poking fun at the editor-art director-illustrator triangle or just poking fun at myself. Here are some highlights of that ongoing campaign.
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This is a little side project my Wife and I have. These designs are cut from heavy gauge 1/16 inch steel, finished with a marbled rust patina and protected with a clear coat. They replace standard issue wall switchplates, All designs are finished on both sides,so they can be flipped and are available with a small opening(standard light switch) or large opening(newer rocker switches). Screws included.
Moving Images
Humorous Illustrator Hal Mayforth was born and raised in Vermont. He was lucky to have graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in Fine Art because he spent most of his 4 years playing rock and...