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Classic Work
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Everybody has some strategy for breaking the ice. For me, at best it's being funny. I think that is the quality that connects the images in this portfolio, and my work overall. These illustrations are all ink stipple drawing colored in a variety of ways.
New Work
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More characters and creatures. More humor. But these images mark a return to a more spontaneous drawing style using ink washes and graphite colored in Photoshop.
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For me, sketching is the foundation of everything I do in art. Sketches can often tell you more about an artist and their intentions than any finished piece.
(17 images)
These are ink line drawings of assorted historic structures around my home in northeast Georgia.
(26 images)
I like machinery. These stream of consciousness Images were inspired by memories of high school shop classes, model airplanes, steel mills, hot rods and mechanical toys.
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It's all in the eyes. But noses are fun too. Capturing the "human" in the human face has always been a challenge for me and quick line drawings like these are my boot camp. All were done with a fountain pen.
(10 images)
Lately I have been interested in creating mash-ups in Photoshop. This is a selection of images from a recent trip to Tuscany.
Visual Essays
(54 images)
These drawings revolve around specific themes. Each new section is preceded by a title page and a description of my intentions.
The Natural World
(18 images)
These are drawings and paintings I have done over the years for natural history and biology. The drawings are stipple and the paintings are watercolor.
Odd Things...
(11 images)
This is part of a continuing series of plates, and other sculptural objects.
  I have always been a black and white guy, thinking primarily in terms of values, light and shadow rather than color. So materials like soft charcoal, Conte Crayon, or black Prismacolor...