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Beyonce For Entertainment Weekly
I've been an illustrator since 1987 and in all those years, one painting has garnered more awards and recognitions than all others.  Beyonce for Entertainment Weekly done at the end of 2016 was destined to be a beautiful piece.  The assignment was to paint Beyonce as a queen.  I...
Mike Pence for The Atlantic
The storm metaphor is in full use this year as I've been asked to illustrate various people in the Trump administration. Mike Pence, the pious VP for The Atlantic.
Trump for Time
At the start of 2017, I was fortunate to be asked to do a cover for Time about the chaos surrounding the Trump administration. The project was a perfect fit and allowed me to use a dramatic storm contrasting with a central, anchoring Trump.  D.W. Pine told me that he felt the cover hit...
The Boat
Life couldn't have worked out better by the end of 2014.  Still, the Irish in me begins to feel wary when things are too satisfying and I often find myself mentally 'testing the floor' to see if it's sturdy.  I am learning to trust and enjoy the good parts of...