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new stuff
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-these recently created illustrations have a darker visual style similar to the images I made at the very start of my illustration career many years ago, and are in complete contrast to the "whimsical" images I have become known for with my picture book and food illustrations... I guess what is old is truly new again! Visit to view all my portfolios, and be sure to click on my "New Stuff" portfolio.
just food
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-over the years I have created food & beverage related images for literally hundreds and hundreds of projects: cookbooks, advertising, magazines, food product packaging, etc... here area few samples. Visit to view more.
kids' books
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Since 2000 I've illustrated 25 picture books for children, 4 of them as both author & illustrator. (As a student at Parsons School of Design I studied creating picture books under author/illustrator Maurice Sendak, of "Where the Wild Things Are" fame.) In 2012 my illustrated picture book, "Brothers at Bat" (Clarion Books/written by Audrey Vernick) was named a NY Times Book Review Notable Children's Picture Book of the Year. In 2015 "The Fantastic Ferris Wheel" (Christy Ottaviano Books/written by Betsy Harvey Kraft) -the true story of George Ferris inventor of the first Ferris Wheel for the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair, with my terrific period illustrations. Also released in 2015 "Wild Child" (Abrams Books/written & illustrated by Steven Salerno) -the story of the wildest animal of them all... it's my 4th picture book as both author and illustrator. In 2016 I have two picture books being released: "The Kid from Diamond Street," (Clarion Books/written by Audrey Vernick) the true story of Edith Houghton from Philadelphia who became a professional baseball player at age ten in 1922! And also out in 2015 is "Puppy Princess" (Little Golden Books-Random House/written by Sue Fliess). In 2017 and 2018 I will have three more illustrated picture books released. Visit my web site to view my many picture books and portfolios for editorial and advertising too...
advertising & editorial
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some samples of images created for editorial and advertising clients...