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What's here for art directors apply yourself
illoz offers a variety of online services for art directors to use at no cost. File sharing, inter-office and art director to illustrator workspaces for files and images, confidential message boards - all kinds of stuff.
The art director section of illoz, is a completely confidential area. In order to gain access, art directors can apply for an account here, or also receive an invitation for access from another art director who already has an account.

Take jobs from start to finish
An art director account at illoz gives you the ability to initiate project assignments with any illoz portfolio owner. Sketches can be viewed here at the site, then commented on and approved. After that, final art can be downloaded directly from a portfolio owners personal area. The job can go from start to finish, right here at illoz. There's no fee for art directors, and no additional fee to the illustrator to use these built-in features. It's all part of the service.

Art Director Work Spaces
Each art director account comes with an unlimited number of personal workspaces, where you can exchange files, uploads and downloads, with illustrator members here. One click starts a project between you and a member and after that the illustrator member at illoz can upload sketches to this workspaces as well as the final art down download. You can send your layouts, copy and comments back and forth until the job is complete.

Art Director Bookmark Folders
Individual illustrator folders can be created, which act like a postcard wall, except better. Art directors can create a folder for any illustrator and then add as many samples as they like from that portfolio - it's an easy way to remember what you've admired. Not only that, but creating a folder gives art directors instant access to what other art directors may have written regarding that illustrator. It's an easy way to see how other's have benefited (or not) from working with anyone at illoz.

How to get in and see for yourself
Approval for art director accounts is not automatic. There is a short wait after an application is received to make absolutely certain that an individual should have access to the art directors area of the site.

illustration thanks to Leo Espinosa