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Strange Dreams
(37 images)
A collection of the recent Gouache paintings I have been doing. More focused on brushstrokes and execution.
Demented Little Beasties
(17 images)
a series of Demented Little Beasties, as well as various works in the "Little Beasties" style.
(21 images)
A collection of brush paintings by bill mayer,
Line Drawings
(29 images)
A Collection of line drawings by bill mayer. 2011
Icons in Black Colored Pencil
(11 images)
These icons and style were created for a film general Orders No.9 Deer trail becomes Indian trail becomes county road. Icons for a Lost Civilization.
(14 images)
Selection of various Scraper Board illustrations....rough little graphic style using scraper board,and digitally finished.
(54 images)
Assorted pieces from the Bill Mayer portfolio.
(34 images)
Series of stamp drawings, gouache paintings and other media done in exploration; done for various projects.
Children's Picture Books
(36 images)
Children's Picture Book. A selection of some Picture books.
Staying Sharp
(115 images)
a great way to stay sharp, take an object from your studio and do ten sketches :10 min.... A Collection of these exercises
Children's Illustration
(49 images)
Miscellaneous illustrations done for various clients.including Children's Picture books and Games
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