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The Okee Dokee Brothers

May 21, 2010

If there is a kindie music illustration niche, I believe I've found it. This is the third kid's music album I've illustrated/designed so far.

Joe and Justin aka- The Okee Dokee brothers, liked what I did with The Jellydots and Lunch Money. So, they asked if I would like to illustrate their next album. I said,  "Heck yeah!" But they said, "Not so fast partner! We don't want no citified illustration, we want it dirty. I said, "I'll do you one better... I'll throw some mud on it and leave it in the hot North Carolina sun for a fortnight!"

Hopefully, my image relays the high-energy, clever, fun music found on the CD. It may be labeled 'kid's music', but I've been listening to it on my own, no kid in sight. Lately, I find myself humming the tunes to myself. I love me some good bluegrass and this album is no exception.

Below are some of my initial sketches/ideas-