NY Business Section

September 12, 2010

Last spring I got a call from Fred Norgaard from the New York Times, he asked me if I would like to illustrate a consumer advocate column called "The Haggler" for the business section of the Times Sunday edition. So every 2 weeks Fred and I get into a friendly battle over the new Haggler image. The topics range from, crummy warranties, small print that you need a law degree to comperhend, absent customer service, contracts that can't be changed, and the list goes on.
Today's article talks about a law student who has to turn in her final exam papers and finds her self with a broken laptop. She sends it out to Dell and gets it back after a nightmarish ordeal that lasts two month. Many of these stories are about people trying to get in touch with a competent human from customer service who can resolve the issue ASAP. Waiting on hold has become the the modern day version of standing in line, here are a few variations.