Bigfoot Sighting

March 27, 2009

I had some time to kill in Woodstock while waiting for some promotional material to be be printed. After getting a coffee and a croissant, I booted my laptop, only to find out that Bread Alone has no wireless network, like the name says. Bummer, since it was a beautiful blue crisp spring day, I finished my breakfast and started strolling through the town of Woodstock, I stopped at the hardware store and made my way over to  bookstore, The Golden Note Book. After checking all the newly released books, I noticed at a huge heap of memoirs, not my favorite section, unexpectedly  a scratchy drawn face glanced at me from a book cover that read: ME WRiTE BOOK, It Bigfoot Memoir. A fictional Memoir about one of the planets most speculated monsters, a book by Graham Roumieu is loosely drawn with pen and ink and gutsy water color, the text is hand written and part of the double spread art, the memoir evolves in a snap shot style and is downright hilarious page after page.
What's peculiar about  this treasure of a funny book, it can't be pigeonholed into, young reader,cartoon book, graphic novel etc. all that stuff goes out the window, the "ME WRITE BOOK, it Bigfoot Memoir" is simply for a wide audience with a sense of humor.

It turns out the busy author Graham Roumieu has produced his third Bigfoot book already.
Check it out, bring cash.