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Working for a lot of national mags, newspapers etc. I'm usually pretty busy and that's the way I like it. I like what I do. I like developing ideas. I hope that's what art directors call me for, a fresh idea, a fresh take on an old idea, and work that just looks good. I live in Baltimore with my wonderful, and I mean wonderful wife Melissa, and my three boys. There are a lot of places I would rather be than Baltimore, not that Charm City lacks charm but I like to travel. I'm also a pretty avid cyclist. Okay, back to Baltimore, not terrible, pretty cheap, there's an airport, and we have friends here. But I still want to be in a hundred other places. Worked in NY for a good long time, worked for some pretty dumpy places and some pretty great ones too. That was when I was a sort of wandering do-all art guy working for apparel companies, then WB, then Nickelodeon. Met a lot of great people in NY, and I miss it which makes me love it everytime I visit. Past life, enough about that. Check out where you can find out more about me-if that's really what you want to do.