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What's Fresh at illoz?
There's a simple way to keep up with new members arriving at illoz. You can get an email whenever that happens. It's easy to try out and just as easy to get out if you find it's too much information to handle.
about illoz
illoz is a portfolio site for Illustrators that doubles as a very useful workspace for art directors. The program was created by two guys with four computers, the same two odd-balls that brought Drawger to life. More about illoz and why it's here.

The logo for illoz was designed by Leo Espinosa.
okay - about portfolio sites
illoz is an invitation only portfolio site for Illustrators. It's not for everyone and not everyone who wants a portfolio site here will be able to get one. Numbers are limited to keep the quality high. The cost is 150 American dollars per year and it's free to test drive for 60 days. You can find out more about what illoz offers and send in a request for an illoz Portfolio site right here.
about art director accounts
For art directors to get the very most out of illoz, getting an account here is a must. Projects can be taken from start to finish, right here at the site, from viewing sketches online to downloading the final art. More details about that here.

Because art director accounts at illoz provide access to a confidential area of the site (that portfolio owners do not have access to) it's neccessary to either receive an invitation from an art director with an existing account, or to apply for an account.
You can learn all about the various services for art directors and also apply for an account right here.

illustration thanks to Bob Staake