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Country Musician Portraits
(14 images)
illustrations from my children's picture book, "Honky-Tonk Heroes & Hillbilly Angels"
(9 images)
various advertising projects, including posters
CD covers
(11 images)
CD covers
longer narrative non-fiction stories
(8 images)
pieces I've created for Blab! -- aka "documentary illustration"
(4 images)
children's book with the B-52's
Rock & Roll Portraits
(6 images)
from my children's book, "Shake, Rattle & Roll: The Pioneers of Rock & Roll Music."
Birds of America
(13 images)
bird series created for a gallery show
Bjork dress-up photo-illustrations
(3 images)
Bjork and I had a blast collaborating on these photo-illustrations, back when I was a photographer and slowly moving over to painting and illustration. These were done well before the days of Photoshop. With the help of some wonderful stylists and hair and make-up people, she and her Sugarcubes bandmate Siggi were transformed into some of my favorite fairy tale, nursery rhyme and fictional characters. I then posed them in front of a white backdrop, photographed them, made color xeroxes of the shots I liked, and then painted the backgrounds directly onto the color xeroxes. Seems so primitive now!