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Lou Brooks's Portfolios
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"Vintage" Pulp Parody
(11 images)
A portfolio of Lou Brooks vintage imagery taking us back to when men were men and magazines were badly printed.
In Your Face
(11 images)
Close-up faces of a dramatic, distressed, and humorous nature
Kids' Books
(1 images)
A tiny bit softer fuzzier style for kids of all ages, but still with the Lou edge.
Drawn and Written By
(16 images)
Is a picture worth a thousand words? Okay then, how about a couple of dozen?? Go one layer deeper next time, and let Lou fill your spot or page with not only heart-stopping VISUALS... but WORDS that are just too too funny!
Weird Science
(9 images)
How About Doing It This Way?
(3 images)
Tampering with the secrets of art itself.
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