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A little bit of this and a little bit of that...
Hip Drip Critters
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Hip Drip Critters(TM) are a humorous line of coffee drinking critters. They're currently being licensed as coffee mugs and are also available for other usages. If you like a beautiful 20 oz. mug, please call Cuppa @ 727 820-0271
Play for FUN!
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Play for FUN! (TM) is an exciting new licensed property which promotes fun and youth sports. A Kids apparel line is now available and anything from slippers and PJs to water bottles and back packs are currently being designed. These images are available for other usages.
Diaper Stars
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Diapers Stars is a licensed property of the cutest all american baby stars. A line of baby apparel is currently available with over 50 unique designs.
Classic WVU t-shirt designs from the 70s
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By popular demand I've decided to bring back the t-shirts I sold while I attended WVU. The shirts were extremely popular and I'm posting these newly revised designs for my buddies in Morgantown to preview.
Moving Images
Diaper Star Animations
Jeff Moores' work inhabits a whimsical cast of everyday people and their foibles. Whether it's the simple task of feeding a baby or a complicated corporate idea, Moores wields his pencil with a twist...