Finger Lakes art

February 25, 2011

Glenn Clark from Clark CSM Marketing Communication called with this very fun job for Bristol Mountain.  I was asked to draw a "map" type illustration showing the main roads leading to the ski slope.   The target audience was Canada and the states west of NY, so the goal was to show it's a pretty simple drive to the highest ski mt. between Vermont and the Rockies.

Bristol Mountain is located in the middle of the Finger Lakes Region and over the hill from where I live. We live on Honeoye Lake just west of Bristol Mt.    Our family grew up skiing at Bristol and our son Charlie  now flips waffles at Bristol's Waffle Hut.  You'll see my late father-in-law Charlie on his Ford tractor.  I like to honor him when I can. He was a WWII Vet and a prime example of The Greatest Generation. He passed away in Dec. '09.  He's missed dearly and holds a special part in our hearts.

My good buddy Earl is a big Steeler fan and although most Steeler fans refer to Cleveland as "The Mistake on the Lake"  I think Cleveland is better known for the Rockin' Roll Hall of Fame.  

The art will be used in brochures, maps, big posters and possibly a billboard.   Although it might not show here,  I was inspired by Saul Steinberg's famous New Yorker cover showing a close up of NYC while the rest of the world fades off in the distance. I'm currently working on a series of Finger Lake prints and t-shirts where I'll focus on one lake.   See samples here: 

Canandaigua Lake has been rated one of the most beautiful lakes with the second highest lakefront property values in America.   It's located in the heart of NY's wine country. If you're looking for a little getaway,  the wine tours are beautiful in the fall,  the snow always falls in the winter and if you just like some fun in the sun,  stop on by Honeoye Lake and we'll show you a good time! 

This is one of the t-shirt designs I sell locally.  If you look close,  you can see me waving over on the right by the A-frame chalet  house.