A new font and ancient story

August 10, 2016

"In mythological legend, Chloris, the goddess of Spring flowers transformed the body of a nymph into the first Rose. Aphrodite gave her beauty. Dionysus, the god of wine gave her, a sweet fragrance and the three Graces, charm, joy and radiance. Crowned queen of flowers by Apollo, she is now the jewel of every garden."


From time to time I'm asked where I get the inspiration to design fonts. More often than not, I just complete the alphabet of characters I have created for an assignment. My latest font, Rosa, actually has a very sweet story. 


Its genesis is in the elegant graphics and sweet fragrances of the age of Art Deco. Based very loosely on a snippet from an old cold cream label, I developed a suite of packaging for luxury soaps, candles, cologne, balms, powders and hand creams. I became more fond of the 4 letters as time went by and decided to finish the alphabet (and the additional 100 or so glyphs required).