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Tom Petty for Rolling Stone

July 23, 2014

Earlier this month I got a call from Matthew Cooley at Rolling Stone to ask if I could paint Tom Petty for the Record review opener. 

For those who are interested, this was painted in the same manner as the first demo I did at ICON, oil over a loose charcoal drawing on bond paper.

The first time I ever went to RS, the art assistant told me my work wasn't of the kind they used.  I've been to the offices of Rolling Stone many times since then and stood in front of the work of so many great illustrators - I understand what she meant. Still- I wanted to be one of them.

Many years later, I'm still trying to get better. Getting in Rolling Stone  was a long time goal. I eventually achieved it a while back - but it's still a huge thrill to get that call.  Thanks Matthew and Joe at Rolling Stone for trusting me with this special piece of real estate.