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Society of Illustrators- Book and Editorial 2015

February 14, 2015

Last Fiday night my wife Lynn and I attended the Society of Illustrators Book and Editorial 2015 opening in New York. For me it was a night to remember. 

There was a lot of great work this year- I managed to snap off some iPhone shots of some of the work...

I gave a speech and I was so nervous I literally almost collapsed after I got back into the crowd. Everyone told me I didn't seem nervous but let me tell you, I really was. A number of people asked me to post it so it is available here 

It was a magic night and I know I will never have another experience like it. I never expected any recognition and this was something I never imagined in my wildest professional fantasies. This could have been awarded to many people, I am gratefull to those who voted this honor for me.   It was an amazing, incredible night and this post serves to me as a sort of closure- time to get back to work.

On the way out of the building last Friday night, I walked past the great Dean Cornwell painting on the landing.  As I went by it whispered to me:  "You have a long, long  way to go."