photo by Marianne Barcelona
Steve Brodner has been a satirical illustrator for 30 years. He was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1954. Upon graduating Cooper Union in 1976 he got a cartooning job on a small newspaper, The Hudson Dispatch, in Union City, New Jersey. In 1977 The New York Times Book Review began tapping him for illustration assignments. This launched his freelance career. In 1979-82 he published his own journal, The New York Illustrated News. In 1981 he became a regular contributor to Harper's magazine with the monthly feature, "Ars Politica". In the 1980's more magazines asked him to contribute regularly. These included the National Lampoon, Sports Illustrated, Playboy and Spy. In 1988 Esquire brought him in as an unofficial house artist. It was there that he did portrait caricature, art journalism and a back-page political cartoon, "Adversaria". His caricatures of pop and political culture have appeared in most major publications in the United States. Art Journalism In visual essays Steve Brodner has covered eight national political conventions for Esquire, The Progressive, the Village Voice and others. His article, "Plowed Under", a series of portraits and interviews with beleaguered farm families in the Midwest ran in The Progressive. "Shot From Guns", an art documentary about the Colt Firearms strike in Hartford, Connecticut appeared in Northeast magazine in 1989. For The New Yorker he covered Oliver North and the 1994 Virginia Senate race, the Patrick Buchanan presidential campaign, the Million Man March and an advance story on the Democratic Convention in Chicago, 1996. The Washington Post asked him to profile the Bob Dole presidential campaign in 1996. In spring 1997, he drew the South by Southwest Music Festival for Texas Monthly. That summer he climbed Mt. Fuji for Outside Magazine. That fall he did a piece on the New York City mayoral campaign for New York Magazine. His eight-page profile of George W. Bush appeared in Esquire in October, 1998. In 2000 he dealt with the difficult issue of guns in Pennsylvania for Philadelphia Magazine. Texas Monthly published his 10 page story on Colonias (Mexican Americans along the Texas border) called "In America", May, 2005. Books His first book, "Fold 'N Tuck", an outgrowth of his Esquire page, was published in 1990 by Doubleday. His animated film and book "Davy Crockett" was produced by Rabbit Ears Productions in 1992. He illustrated the book "Sharing the Pie" by Steven Brouwer which was published in 1997 by Henry Holt. His collected political work was published in "Freedom Fries", by Fantagraphics Books, 2004. Political Cartoons From 1992-97 his weekly feature "Tomorrow's News Tonight" was syndicated nationally. He is currently editor of The Nation's cartoon feature, Comix Nation. Film His documentary short "September, 2001" was shown in conjunction with the Sundance Film Festival, 2002. Miscellaneous In 1996 Brodner was a commentator in PBS's Frontline documentary about the presidential election, "The Choice", in which he drew on camera. In 1998 he designed and painted the movie poster for Warren Beatty's "Bulworth". In 2004, guest appearances on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, The Leonard Lopate Show, PBS Chicago etc. He teaches narrative art at the School of Visual Arts. Awards Numerous awards from the Society of Illustrators, Art Directors Club, SPD, SND, American Illustration, Communication Arts. The 2000 Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. 2005 Society of Illustrators Hamilton King Award Steve Brodner lives in New York City with his wife, writer and actress Anne Pasquale and their daughter Terry.