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Tim Grajek stands among the contributors to the venerable pages of The

New York Times, The Washington Post, Time and Newsweek. But the New

York Telephone Directory ? In that, he stands alone. ( Definition for Gen

X’ers/ Millenials: the Directory: a physical contact list of all city residents;

see also booster seat and step-ladder. ) And there’s another iconic tome his

art accompanies: Hoyles Rules of Games, which predates the Directory by a

few centuries, and remains the go-to guide to card and board games.


But if all this sounds stodgy, consider his upbringing in industrial Detroit

before decamping in 1980, fine arts degree in hand, for the bohemian life in

New York’s Lower Manhattan. In the gritty-pre-gentrified East Village, he

found work at The East Village Eye and The Village Voice. As his art got

noticed, publications came calling: fashion, food and travel magazines,

business and technology manuals, and books. More recently, his illustrations

accompanied Benjamin Cheever’s The First Dog, a chronicle of Genesis

from the point of view of that titular canine.


Tim’s versatility draws inspiration from folk and ancient art to 20th

Centurymasters Picasso, Matisse, Léger and Rivera. His home, in New York’s

artistically celebrated Hudson Valley, is inspiration as well.