Beer or Wine?

November 22, 2007
Beer or wine, what are you most thankful for? On this Thanksgiving eve, as I think of everything I'm most thankful for, my dear family, special friends, art, humor, Chocolate chip cookies mind always comes back to my favorite libation. Although, I'm still a mystery to most of you drawgers, I do know Elwood prefers a good ale, Leo and Edel mix-up a good Mojito, Randy sticks to O'douls and poor Bob loves his bottled aqua. Myself, I'm torn between a cold bottle of Beck's beer or a nice warm full bodied glass of Chateau St. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon.
I've been drinking Beck's since I could hold a bottle. My Mother is german and we always had Beck's around the house. I'm not sure if I'm trying to remove the bottle cap with my gums or Granny Schenck is introducing me to the family sleep aid. Well whatever, it's been 49 years and I still love this German Pilsner! As far as my love for Chateau St. Michelle, my french buddy Maurice, who definitely knows his wine, introduced me to this excellent variety back in the early 90's. A full bodied red that will warm your toes and your head, and it's not too bad on the wallet. So, when you need to wet your whistle, what are you most thankful for?