Pete Reynolds is a British illustrator, living and working just a short train hop from London. He studied at Bourneville College and Exeter College of Art and Design, studying Graphic Design and specialising in illustration. Upon graduation, Pete hot-footed it to London as fast as his paint splattered Doc Martens would carry him with dreams of illustrator stardom. It didn’t happen. He could think fast enough but couldn’t paint fast enough and the money didn’t come in fast enough. That’s when he took a job in graphic design so that layout, kerning and non-justified type became his new obsessions. This was a fruitful time, working in the photography and art world, in branding agencies in London and finally specialising in design and illustration for big architecture. He led the branding of One World Trade Center, New York, illustrated a 45 metre hoarding for The Shard and worked extensively on projects throughout China and North America. At this time, illustration was very much a part of what he did and it eventually led him back to his first love of editorial illustration. Since then, Pete has worked internationally for magazines like TIME, The Economist, The Washington Post, The Guardian, the Financial Times, The New Statesman, Der Spiegel, New Scientist, Stern, Politico, Die Zeit and many more. He has a love of politics, world news, Liverpool FC, his wife and three children, but not necessarily in that order. He now paints digitally and a lot faster than than he used to with acrylics.